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At the pumpkin patch, look for body shapes with character and a stable base.
They revived the house's original character in other ways as well.
What's more, the aged redwood brought with it the character the yard had been missing.
They'll have more character and a better texture that way.
New layers and textures soften and upgrade the house while remaining true to the character of the neighborhood.
And it helps even more that she herself is a character with a gift for words.
Color, multiple storage spots, and recycled materials give it warmth and character.
The amount and character of variegation on the leaves change with maturity, so the plant has a different look from month to month.
But these influences on the character and quality of the confection have long been secrets.
It's really mellowed from the crisp green-apple character it was showing last summer.
Some yeasts ferment dry and others will leave a distinct malt character.
But add something from your own garden to the supermarket mix, and suddenly the whole bouquet acquires more character.
Generally his humour is of an exceptionally kindly and sunny character.
And yet, majestic as the voice sometimes became, there was for ever in it an essential character of plaintiveness.
The volume contains three distinct styles of character sketch: the eulogistic, the satirical and the humorous.
And the pride in saving the library, which is a fantastic story any employer would recognize in someone who has character.
For the first time in history, people interact based on character, not appearance.
The more worrisome thing is the likely impact on academic quality and university character.
It was used, in one example, to disparage a particularly squeaky pair of shoes that the main character had been wearing.
At the risk of being pompous, it was one of character.
Treating a children's character as a brand is not new.
When the omniscient narrator is absent, each character speaks on behalf of his or her own private self.
So far these revolts have appeared to be largely secular in character.
But ultimately her character is reduced to a cheap shock scene near the end of the film-a move beneath both cast and director.
No coach wants the character of his team questioned.
Everything one says and does conveys one's values and character.
Players can tweak and enhance any features, from scars and war paint to fine details on the character's face and body.
Yet other regions, particularly perceptual regions, are likely to vary over time in both spatial extent and character.
Wonderfully carved rocks and crystal-clear water form the character of the canyon.
Have students write a story about a fictional modern immigrant character.
The vast majority of residents, new and old, feel a strong attachment to the landscape and the character of their town.
It was interesting to read what each character was thinking as the story unfolded, while each one revealed more about the story.
If you've read the book, tell me who's your favorite character and why.
In a few locations, unplanned development has begun to threaten the character of the place.
Each item and character has its own place in the tale.
Have students write a short story where the main character is an animal owned by pastoral nomads.
Then the pieces are tumbled to give them character that can be seen on every surface, edge, and corner.
Each participating resort is stamped with its own unique character, mountains of snow and friendly locals.
It was unique to hear the story from the main character's viewpoint.
All of these things help to define your sense of place, or what makes a certain place have its own distinctive character.
Have students create an imaginary immigrant character living somewhere in the world today.
Their essays should explain how the character of a place was changed by a physical process and describe the reasons why.
The kids got on well with him as he is the fastest character in the group, and also has the highest armor.
Certain character traits influence people's willingness to apologize.
The inevitable increase of entropy seems to have a slightly different character for each system under consideration.
Poems as well as stories can help us understand human character.
People take on different character traits depending on which language they are using.
The character is self thinking enough to suggest going fishing at his pond to get her mind off everything.
If someone makes accusations without evidence then all they are demonstrating is their own low moral character.
Perhaps you're a keen judge of character after a long stint working in sales.
Many people still chalk up the destructive behavior of a drug addict to a lack of willpower or weakness of character.
The phrenologists claimed to discern someone's character by the location and size of the bumps on his or her head.
Many contained legalistic language that muddied the decision-making character of the consent process.
He keeps a life-size cutout of the film and comic-book character in his office for inspiration.
His writing showed that he had a great mind and a limited character.
Then character, that it's fundamentally important to do what's right.
The character is built on an arc where the arc rests on a mountain.
It is the world around the character or the book or the historical thing.
The wall the broom is hanging on has great character.
The only one of anything close to military character in its origin was the bayonet, and it was first used by hunters.
And despite their idiosyncrasies, these house museums often provide a rare entree into a city's history and character.
The idea of a puppeteer as a devil character, sapping energy.
It is available both yellow and white, the white generally having a milder taste, the yellow a more pronounced corn character.
There's an important difference between character in life and characters in fiction.
The imprisonment which now began was far different in character and severity from the preceding periods.
They were also asked to explain why one character felt better than or the same as another character.
Both explain immigration in terms of the moral character of immigrants.
When the system is used to make movies, software programs and a team of animators convert the data into an animated character.
They say the character of the block changes dramatically when quantum mechanics is thrown into the mix.
Or for that matter, why any algorithm that uses the twitter minimum character limitation is worthy or not.
They required a certain quality of character, a loyalty to unvarnished fact that rose above politics or profit.
Rarely does he ask speech to do anything as simple as clarify a point or establish a character's motivation.
Far from being dryly materialistic, their work illuminates the rich underwater world where character is formed and wisdom grows.
Yep, there's his name, listed as both the main character and the actor.
He may be gone in this lifetime, but his spirit and his character are as immortal as his prose.
Character driven stories suck unless the characters are interesting.
Now, it's okay to watch television of a moron cartoon character forever.
Struggling to study builds character and good habits.
Every potential aspect of one's character, suppressed in this universe, finds manifestation elsewhere.
Physical beauty and character both matter, and yes, some differences make things interesting.
Later pieces take the form of more personal reflections on the writing process, memories, and character studies.
It isn't that great coaching builds character in football players, then.
Yet it is with the portrait busts that the show attains its distinctive character.
After four years of arrested development, the writers have indeed decided to add some dimension to every character.

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