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How would oil and coal derived char be safe to put in my farm's soils, and who would pay me for it.
The refinery would light up a great big cross in the windows of the char house.
It is triple-smoked, which gives a haunting char to its flavor and results in a moist, lush texture.
Char-grilled, pan-fried, fried and sauteed shellfish and fish dominate this upscale restaurant's menu.
The added dimension of grilling provides a brilliant smoky char that takes this dish to new levels.
It's all too easy to char beans in the name of sophistication.
After one and a half minutes, pull out the pizza to see if the unsauced rim has begun to char lightly.
Today, though, she orders sliced tomatoes with vinaigrette and char-grilled chicken over shoestring potatoes.
The char is remarkably similar to modern coal fly ash, which can create toxic aquatic conditions when released as slurries.

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Walden is melting apace. There is a canal two rods wide along the northerly and westerly sides, and wider still the east... more
Haze, char, and the weather of All Souls: A giant absence mopes upon the trees:... more
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