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Each chapter of the book covers a group of elements and a specific part of science history.
Later that paper was included as a chapter in an edited book by the adviser in a field.
They should have been listed as the chapter authors and the faculty member as the book editor.
In the final chapter of your book, you suggest that the world may be a hologram.
It is definitely not the kind of book that has action in every chapter, but it's more about what's going on around the characters.
His take on terrorism in the book's penultimate chapter is refreshing.
The site is interactive with the book by chapter and page number.
Yet here you write this book and not one chapter is devoted to how you first met.
And every once in a while, a whole chapter gets a rewrite.
And they comprise a fascinating chapter in the story of the modern horse.
He begins each chapter with a beautifully curated history of the idea he is exploring.
There's a chapter on writing journal articles, and a chapter on books.
He sped up the plot, cut long descriptive scenes and the occasional entire chapter.
No one knew that a new chapter in history was opening.
Each chapter concluded with a set of tasty-sounding recipes, and the copious endnotes had detailed references.
Check back soon for the final chapter in the series.
Publishers are paying more than attention to promotion-savvy e-authors who are building readership one chapter at a time.
As each chapter is finished, the foundation plans to put it into the hands of anyone who wants it.
Reporters and scientists look on as a new chapter in space flight begins.
These are perfect non-fiction books for elementary-aged children who are on the cusp between picture books and chapter books.
It's the last chapter that ties all the secrets and intrigue together.
Until recently, theirs was a chapter of history lost in the shadows.
In about every other chapter there is a flashback to summers before that and it shows the whole story.
Every chapter left me wondering what would happen next.
Talk with your local native plant society chapter and/or expert landscape architect before purchasing and planting seed.
The final chapter looks at what the future might hold for the planet.
Each chapter should tell the story of the same place from a different perspective, from different people at different times.
In a chapter on alien abductions, he recounts an abduction story of his own.
Every chapter is leavened with well-turned anecdotes and vignettes.
Befitting an incredibly popular series, the books are packed with chapter after chapter that abruptly end in cliffhangers.
Even more exciting is the third chapter, in which the elements of light and darkness are added to the lava-versus-water dynamic.
We're on the cusp of a new chapter for the auto industry.
The main point of the article is the idea that parents are anxious to get their kids into chapter books.
For some writers, the end of a chapter is little more than a pause for breath.
The images of this horrifying chapter of our history have never really crossed the threshold of the national consciousness.
But only in life's last chapter do the differences get enormous.
He likes the story and the pictures,--for every chapter is a picture,--and he likes the writing.
The deck is shuffled again as you enter the last chapter.
The story of the first accelerator was not only an important chapter in the history of science.
If he read further in that chapter, he would have noted the other half of the conclusion drawn from more detailed data.
And then in the next chapter he is briefly preoccupied by what he witnessed.
Where these info cells come from giving us the transistor and every thing else will be another chapter.
They don't know their whole story, but they know their chapter.

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