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Example sentences for chaps

The wanderer finds remote ranches and cowboys in hats and chaps instead of crusty fish camps and shirtless fishermen in sandals.
Depends on what you got going on with those chaps, cowboy.
They are great, buoyant chaps who hunt and fish and drink beer out of cans.
The chaps he liked best, however, were the tough ones.
Don't worry, chaps, the doomsters will soon fall silent.
Which seems to demonstrate that too many people, you included, do not understand what these chaps were doing.
On the page, the two chaps both talk as if they were soda syphons, gushing and driveling by turns.
The dingy chaps are almost done, last section to be sewed.
Notwithstanding the frost-touch the hardy little chaps maintain themselves in all their bloom.
The other kind features charming, family-minded chaps, egged on by good-humoured fans.
There are some pretty smart chaps when it comes to talking right with other countries.

Famous quotes containing the word chaps

For my part I love sleepy fellows, and the more ignorant the better. Damn your wide-awake and knowing chaps... more
Then down, deep down, in the mighty ship, unseen by the midday suns, You'll find the chaps who are giving t... more
All the hills and vales along Earth is bursting into song, And the singers are the chaps Who are going to d... more
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