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Example sentences for chanting

The two-hour forum drew chanting protesters and a police escort for the school board members.
Cultists wired electrodes to their heads while chanting ancient mantras and logging on to computer nets.
After a period of chanting, the artist started an extremely painful tattooing process that often lasted six or eight hours.
One imagines chanting and drumming, the animals on the great pillars seeming to move in flickering torchlight.
For the people who live here, the chanting call to prayer rings over and over from the day you are born until the day you die.
There must have been chanting, as it was on the hour.
Half a dozen bodyguards surrounded him as chanting crowds pressed forward to shake his hand.
But once the cheering and the chanting had died down, serious questions remained.
Meditating by chanting may help you calm down, but may not be the best choice if you're in an interview.
The chanting outside of the window, that's my first recollection.
There was chanting outside of our work windows, and a big group of people.
Count chant works by asking students to perform a rhythm line by chanting the rhythms using count subdivisions.
The deacon pauses a second, ceases abruptly his chanting, and drops into prose for a concluding line or so.
At the end of the lesson, a good way to dismiss the children is by singing or chanting a piece of verse.
The herbal healing ceremony includes singing, chanting, rhythmic movement and jumping center.
Yoga was for sincere, mantra-chanting people who liked to do tree poses in public.
At first, there was serenity, as hundreds of thousands of people stopped chanting and talking and moving.

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