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Example sentences for chant

The chant was a faint one, but not so much so as to go undetected.
Something the great unwashed might chant more about is the damage done by offshore finance.
They're clapping and doing a call-and-response type of chant.
Tradition and heritage were expressed primarily through chant and dance.
Not many citizens of this country have heard that timeless chant.
While he played well that game, seeing the armor of the player get broken gives incentive to fans to chant.
Although the answer ought to depend on the company, many gurus still tend to offer one chant for all.
When the sun set an imam came out to chant the evening prayer.
At first an electronic chant sets a slow and minimalist mood.
Seeing the players acknowledge your chant makes it worthwhile.
There, thousands continue to chant that they demand the end of the regime.
Meanwhile the sages of popular wisdom chant away the day.
They clasped hands and separated for the evening meal with a last chant in unison.
They braved the persistent rain to chant slogans against a pay cut for civil servants, the first anyone can remember.
The palindromic chant challenges listeners to decide for themselves.
Then, the protesters link arms and chant, and the riot cops come in with pepper spray and batons.
They used to know everything about the players, guaranteeing a funny chant or two for each group.

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Ye banks and braes o' bonnie Doon, How can ye bloom sae fresh and fair? How can ye chant, ye little birds, ... more
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