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When lava flows in channels, the exterior can cool and solidify while the interior is still hot and molten.
The other component would be dredging the main channels so the ruins are accessible to boats at all times.
The printer melts wax onto the paper to create channels with nanometer-size molecules at the ends.
The stuff that is made public through official channels has already had sensitive information scrubbed, omitted, or destroyed.
Cable news channels have become primarily live talk and live coverage of breaking-news events.
Being out of a job perforates the walls of the mind, and thoughts seep off into strange channels.
As the crowds increase, the need of guiding this drift into safe channels becomes more urgent.
But the stream of poetry is fed by many sources, and it takes color and volume according to the channels through which it flows.
Different ion channels respond to different kinds of stimulation.
Some jellyfish, algae and bacteria produce light-activated ion pumps and channels.
Broadcasters will be able to offer even more channels in the available bandwidth, too.
By adjusting the opening or closing of channels in cell membranes, opsins can switch neurons on or turn them off.
When a neuron fires, calcium ions flood through special cell channels.
The empathy function is not restricted to within-species channels.
Finally, not everything is available via any of the above channels.
These critters live within miniscule channels of seawater trapped in the ice.
We need to search those many stars for signals and also many frequency channels.
Each language has a certain form that shifts our thought process into certain channels.
Since the tarsier's main predators cannot hear ultrasonic calls, they also provide private channels of communication.
Unfortunately for the naysayers though funding channels don't lie.
But as channels have proliferated, it has become much easier to avoid exposure to politics altogether.
For another reason, throughout the crisis, the two heads of government kept channels of personal and official communication open.
When they sought help through formal channels, the party ignored them.
It was less a determined, swift river than a lacework of deltaic streams working their way along twisted channels.
TV news channels, meanwhile, aired cell phone video footage within half an hour of the explosions.
Volcanic flows have produced long, sinuous channels extending for hundreds of kilometers.
Over time, these channels tend to sweep back and forth to form the fan shape typical of river deltas.
The way of life, including fifty channels of satellite television.
But for him, these were not the channels in which real progress could be made.
And all were considered successes by their respective channels.
The radios share some channels with the family service radios, so they can communicate with each other.
The resulting channels are gradually rolling out this year.
Cable and satellite television are growing quickly, supplying more channels to more people across the world.
The answer the firm has come up with is to etch layers of tiny channels between the slivers of silicon that carry the components.
With a bit of a lag, these easier financial conditions are supposed to boost growth through three channels.
Whether it will take off depends on the number of people self-confident enough to go outside the usual banking channels.
Only television channels that air state propaganda are allowed in barracks.
They do not have well-established channels of discourse.
Although none of the targeted channels or radio stations are being abolished, they will suffer the deepest cuts.
So you have a chunk of material with a network of fine channels within.
Routers also operate on different wireless channels.
The intent of both channels is to offer an easy-to-use interface for full size screens.
We'll be building out our groups, forums and social media channels in the days ahead.
The features of note are the various canyons, gullies, and channels dissecting the continental slope.
Today she channels her enthusiasm into spreading the word that science is something anyone can do.
Qi flows through the body and to the organs by way of an extensive system of channels known as meridians.
Unfortunately, fear sometimes floods out beyond the channels where it's useful.
We observe blood and the channels within which it flows and the cause of the flow.
Sorry to give the misinterpretation about the decay channels.
But the paper is treated with a hydrophobic polymer, which directs the liquid along prescribed channels.
The epoxy coating contains tiny catalyst particles, while the channels in the substrate are filled with a liquid healing agent.
The device itself contains a pair of microscopic channels--one for blood, the other for a saline-based solution.
The device uses a silicon substrate containing channels that guide laser light.
These devices have relatively simple structures, with the branched channels having the same depths.
When exposed to blue light, these proteins open membrane channels, letting in sodium and calcium ions.
It channels our prayers to supporting and caring for others.
He kept the channels of dialogue open, even while making clear our disagreements.
The official channels of moving refugees to new homes has been slow.

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