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Example sentences for channelize

Caution tape is also sometimes used to channelize pedestrians.
Devices used to channelize pedestrians shall be detectable to users of long canes and visible to persons having low vision.
Grade and compact surfaces evenly since water can collect in depressions or channelize into destructive flows.
Right-of-way may be required to provide left turn lanes and to fully channelize an intersection.
Curbs are used to channelize both traffic and water.
Drainage ditches are common on roadways when curbs are not used to channelize storm run-off.
Runoff from the proposed project is not anticipated to channelize or cause gullying and scour.
Fencing can be considered to channelize pedestrian flow to crosswalks at specific park entrances.
May help channelize and limit pedestrian traffic to specific locations.
If only one approach is widened, an appropriate taper shall be constructed to channelize traffic over the crossing.
Some work zone traffic control devices are normally used in a series to channelize traffic.
Channelize intersections to protect pedestrians and bicyclists.
Pilots often channelize their attention on approach in an attempt to nail their landing.
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