channeling in a sentence

Example sentences for channeling

Ask students to list a number of intended effects of the channeling process.
But instead of channeling motion, the new machine manipulates sound.
Why not simply use channeling and avoid having to do any work at all.
Then there is the problem of channeling these waters to where they can be added to the various aquifers.
Afterwards, it's mostly a matter of channeling various input signals toward appropriate effectors.
It's not concerned with channeling science to a particular end.
The channeling of energy into specific tasks and work.
Now he'll be channeling his aggression into the ring.
And some are channeling discounts through dealers instead of directly to consumers.
Give her a lot of credit for channeling her energies into nonprofit work.
Channeling contrast images of dislocation clusters are presented.

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Once we begin to appreciate that the apparent destructiveness of the toddler in taking apart a flower or knocking down s... more
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