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The double high water seems to extend across the channel.
Channel the spare beauty of fall with striking arrangements for your holiday table.
We were taking the crooked northeasterly channel seaward, and were well out from shore while it was still early in the afternoon.
And bid the weltering waves their oozy channel keep.
The law of benefits is a difficult channel, which requires careful sailing, or rude boats.
The narrative flows through its easy channel without the smallest shock of interruption.
Something, however, is generally withdrawn from this channel in the case of foreign war.
The novel, in consequence, was left standing for a few years out of the main channel of imaginative production.
Before you can fiddle with an ion channel, you need to figure out what opens it-you have to find the right key.
The anaglyph image was calculated from the nadir channel and one stereo channel.
He found that a channel had a certain maximum transmission rate that could not be exceeded.
Some people are able to control anger or frustration and channel these feelings to nondestructive outlets.
For modern-minded viewers and listeners, the days of loyalty to a particular channel may be waning.
Foreign firms own the three ferry lines that serve the cross-Channel port, the town's mainstay.
Others suggest embracing the back channel by monitoring it during presentations.
Supporting organizations, which are charities that typically collect and channel money to a specific nonprofit.
The challenge is to channel my expertise in a way which is useful but not overwhelming to the students.
At a later date a common mode channel was included, more as a protection against touch than against electrical artifacts.
Skill teachers must be listed and contacted through a different kind of channel from that of things.
He also wants to channel funds into early childhood education.
The defense had deliberately forfeited its claims along this channel.
One thing we're grateful for: the existence of channel changers.
If this is his compensation for an unreliable verbal channel, it works, and particularly for a politician it works wonderfully.
She diverted her energies, with some success, into the channel of fiction.
Consumers choose a channel via a software interface on their desktop that resembles a remote control.

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