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It's a reliable recipe, but subtle changes produce surprising differences.
Changes in details designate functions for each space.
Once standard sweet corn is picked its sugar changes to starch quickly.
But changes in technology are making it easier to coordinate with complete strangers.
My plan is to check them often and see how the flavor and heat changes for the next few days.
He keeps a limited number of objects on display and changes them every few months.
Even the mountain's two-lump profile changes, depending on where you're looking at it from.
Pasteurization kills bacteria in apple juice and cider, but it changes their flavor.
To care for holiday gift plant, keep in a sunny window and avoid sudden temperature changes.
Stock changes quickly and seasonally here, so stop by often.
We will make every effort to make sure all changes accurately reflect the copy instructions provided.
Each season brings with it distinct changes in weather, temperatures, and length of daylight.
But there is ample evidence indicating that the oceans are bearing the brunt of these changes.
For example, have them think of changes caused by transient weather conditions.
See how you measure up against others, and how changes at home or in travel choices could do tons to protect the atmosphere.
Ask students to consider the effects of changes to the environment or one or more species in each food web.
But corals are quickly affected by changes in environment.
When these pigment cells change, the chameleon's skin color changes.
Part of his research involves studying what the lizards communicate with each other via changes in their color.
Climate changes occur over shorter periods, as well.
Students should recognize that changes to the environment in one place can often affect other, distant places.
Few places remain unchanged for long and these changes have a wide range of consequences.
Students learn that animals undergo adaptations-changes to body parts and behaviors-that help them survive.
Some of the smallest alien animals brought by colonists made the biggest changes.
Above the surface it may seem that there is no significant change, but underneath there are some dramatic changes.
Weather usually changes from hour to hour or from day to day.
As far as showing all the climate changes happening at once, it's definitely over the top.
It changes the composition of the biosphere forever.
See below for an explanation of the changes made to this story since it initially appeared.
One common take on this machine is a wheel or water mill that uses changes in weight to continually rotate.
Discover their successes by comparing photos from before and after changes were made by local governments.
Based on the anatomy of the newfound embryos, though, these dinosaurs underwent some major changes between hatching and adulthood.
And once you add alcohol in there, it changes the way everyone relates to each other.
The new paper records some changes from the earlier report.
Visitors learn about major changes in climate and other key events in humanity's evolution.
Ecological changes from predator loss found to be ubiquitous.
US health bill promises changes for biomedical researchers.
With these changes comes a pronounced effect on the industries and organizations that rely on the normals.
Regular exercise leads to numerous and varied physiological changes that are beneficial from a health standpoint.
They also pointed out that it's unlikely heat from the active phones was to blame for the changes in brain activity.
It is going to make changes happen, and there will be money to be made from those changes.
Healthy lifestyle changes are an important first step for lowering blood pressure.
Chemistry has always busied itself with the changes of material things.
Over this world of barren rock played great changes of climate.
He introduced radical changes into its spelling and pronunciation, but he showed little understanding of its direction and genius.
One further result of the liturgical changes and the growing use of the vulgar tongue calls for mention.
The preamble is always amended last, as changes in the resolution may require changes in the preamble.
Some of these changes are gains: some of them are losses.
His versatility is not more remarkable than his anticipatory intuition for changes of public taste.
And all the changes of city and country, wherever he went.
Also well accepted, but perhaps not so well understood, is that it is permissible to make certain changes in quoted text.
But it has also made the economy more sensitive to changes in short-term interest rates.
The web spurred deep changes in the structures of the corporation.
Good changes might be more predictable in the market, more palatable to investors, and much more effective economic engine tuners.
Because a single company occupies them, they are less subject to changes in the rental market.
Company officials said the changes are in response to consumer demand.
Changes in air pressure, especially rather quick changes, can affect your body.
At this stage, citing positive changes to the economy due to the financial regulation bill isn't easy.
Imagining changes in digital interfaces is one thing.
While computer technology changes quickly, phones change even faster.
Don't make major financial decisions based on hypothetical future tax policy changes.
That's because code is so fragile, and simple changes can propagate in complex and unpredictable ways.
Put rice in a bowl and wash in several changes of cold water until water is clear.
Rinse rice in several changes of cold water until water runs clear.
Customers don't always notice slight changes, he says.
Rinse rice in several changes of cold water until water is clear, then drain well in a large fine-mesh sieve.
Grilling changes romaine into what is arguably a new salad green.
Wash rice in several changes of cold water in a bowl until water is almost clear.
Rinse rice in several changes of cold water in a large bowl until water runs clear.
Wash rice in several changes of cold water in a bowl until water is clear, then drain well in a sieve.
The best way to get corporations to make changes is to show them there's money in it.
In a large bowl wash the lentils in several changes of cold water until the water runs clear and drain them in a fine sieve.
Wash rice in several changes of cold water until water is almost clear, then drain in a sieve.
The changes wrought by the years are superficial, not basic.
In the process a few startling changes were inevitable.
Our species-and individual races-have recently made big evolutionary changes to adjust to new pressures.
The link between psilocybin, mystical experiences, and changes in personality are also poorly understood.
Perhaps the victims of this lost plague will eventually tell us about the genetic changes that made it such a potent killer.
Here's a primer on what some of the biggest changes will be in the current health care system.
They're descended from a common ancestor, although in this case many of the changes result from artificial selection.
Inside the brain of someone who's learning to juggle, some interesting changes take place.
What is worth discussing now is how technology enables these sea changes in our moral thinking.
Paintings are a mix not only of color but of chemistry-and chemistry changes.
If scientists can pinpoint the epigenetic changes that our experiences impart, it may be possible to reverse those changes.
The move comes as climatic changes are exacerbating threats to forests in the region.
The climate changes and that's what its done throughout history.
Fewer dressing changes will also reduce scarring and speed healing, he says.
In aggregate, these changes make neurons more sensitive to each other and put the anatomical scaffold of a memory in place.
The changes have altered the protein's active site so that it's larger, more flexible and better at drawing in its target.
Our two-year election cycle leaves little time for long-acting changes to ripen and be judged fairly.
And there are precedents, on a smaller scale, for these kinds of changes.
Throughout the movie, the filmmakers capture tiny changes in mood and physical appearance, and the grand effects are startling.
More recently, he has become the go-to pundit for people lamenting the social changes wrought by modern technology.
Its flow changes direction every six hours, and at low tide our beach is normally twenty feet longer than it is at high tide.
There's a post describing all the changes-technologically modest, maybe, but practical and significant.
As the definition of the workplace changes, dramatic increases in productivity could be ahead.
For the first time, scientists can track the precise genetic changes behind an individual case of cancer.
The tiny crystals in the alloy get room to stretch, and the foam changes shape.
With only small changes to the driver software they can be made to work.
For consumers, the smart grid could also mean radical changes in the way they pay for electricity.
The largest study yet of genetic changes across a broad range of cancers has turned up some unexpected results.
Diabetics have a slightly sweeter skin, which changes the microbial fauna and makes it harder for them to cauterize wounds.
It's not yet clear how these changes affect the animals' overall health or longevity.
That's because the reflectivity changes with the angle of incidence but exactly how is not known.
Notice how it completely changes every time you add, remove, or change a letter.
Specific changes to tissue vs changes to genes in disease are the application of this to medicine.
So knowing its value is crucial, particularly if the impactor changes the asteroid's rate of rotation.
As the microbes attach to the antibodies, the interference pattern changes.
The three would stay up talking late into the night, at once fearful of and optimistic about coming changes.
He has made no secret of the fact that he intends to make significant changes in the monarchy.
And yet the more our world changes, the more relevant the novel seems to be.
Your perception changes, and the way you look at experiences changes.
There are changes that should be made that could be made.
There have been innumerable cast changes since then.
If you try and talk differently, so that the fangs don't rub your lips raw, it changes the whole way you speak.
Among the many changes made over the course of those drafts, one bears special mention.
There are no more dramatic changes than those that have taken place in the twentieth-century built environment.
Even more modest changes, though, could result in substantial savings.
He applauds the law's proposal to study changes in the way care is paid for and medicine is practiced.
But few of us as yet are prepared to deny political toleration to those who now block such changes.
It changes the direction of economic development and concentrates it around the security sector alone.
When land use changes-when a forest is cleared to make way for pasture or cropland-the biodiversity of the spot disappears.
We have set going the headlong changes in conduct and belief which now fill us with questions.

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