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The natural world unspoiled is a perspective changer.
Molten salt is the real game changer for solar thermal because it allows for nighttime production.
The mimic octopus is an intelligent shape changer that can impersonate a host of other animals to dodge hungry predators.
In the second, whilst he has lost out, so has the money changer and the seller.
The soot released into the air as a consequence is also a climate-changer because, being dark, it absorbs heat.
And it is either a game changer or the biggest charade in the history of economics.
Without a major game-changer, the field of challengers is looking pretty hopeless.
If there is one, it is only because the trader with the channel changer is on vacation.
Of course, this event is a fundamental game changer.
It looks as though it's going to be a game-changer, a bellwether, without peer or category.
While it's not new, whole systems thinking and design can be a game-changer.
It is doubtful that the report, however needed, will be a game-changer.
The horseless buggy was a game changer in customer expectations.
So you get a more precise understanding, but it's not necessarily a game changer.
Press a button, and your channel-changer starts making a shrill beeping noise, allowing you to track it down easily.
Schematic sample changer design shown without electronics mounted on top.
The instrument accommodates both capillaries and flat-plate samples under ambient conditions with a five-position sample changer.

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