changeover in a sentence

Example sentences for changeover

Time has run out for an electric economy, oil production limits credit and any changeover to an economy economy.
The changeover will take some time, but if the financial benefit to municipalities is readily apparent, it will happen eventually.
The changeover does not need to be at breakneck speed in my opinion but an orderly transition.
The changeover to the euro was planned in detail and in co-operation.
Volumes may eventually give us a little more time to make the changeover, but not affect the overall direction.
Switching from one base to another is slow enough to seriously disrupt the flow of data during the changeover.
Exactly how the initial electric changeover plays out will differ from city to city.
There will be a broad educational outreach, to ensure a smooth changeover to the new practices and procedures.
County residents may experience some chlorine smell and/or taste in their water during this short-term changeover.
The changeover from rain to snow was also rather abrupt, followed quickly by moderate to heavy snow.
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