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Tantamount to the rood-screen of a church, which separates the chancel from the rest of the building.
The screen between the nave and chancel, where the rood or crucifix was elevated.
To the former was attached a charming fourteenth century chapel, the chancel of which was towards the street.
The side areas of the chancel are at the floor level of the nave and contain wooden pews for use by the choir.
The church was soon rehabilitated with a new roof, new interior, and chancel addition.
There is a dome over the chancel and altar which is located in the southeast octagonal end.
The east gable contains a round window plus an entrance into the chancel.
The chancel was surmounted with a dome, which is still in good preservation.
The floors, the benches, even the chancel and pulpit were packed almost to suffocation with them.
Recessed into the apse is a raised chancel where the alter and pulpit would be located.
In the chancel, the peaks above the tie beams are pierced in trefoil shapes.
The last beam in the chancel is set forward from the back wall.
The plan called for lengthening the altar, nave and chancel areas, and widening the church by four feet on each side.

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