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They found that social cues did increase the probability that someone would give a song a chance.
The probability that the result was due to pure chance was less than one chance in ten million.
Your current college may offer your best chance of landing a full-time position, but it's not your only chance.
The world now has a chance to make finance work better.
As chance would have it, she married the officer who liberated her.
Here's your chance to create a holiday wreath using all native materials.
If you ever dreamed of owning your own dinosaur, now's your chance.
Finally, if you have the chance at the conclusion of the interview, ask sharp questions.
More civil nuclear technology around the world increases the chance of weapons proliferation.
Meteor gazers have one last chance to catch a show this year.
There was little chance of missing the elephant in the room.
It also gives you a chance to relive the successes long after flowers fade.
So it's not a stretch to imagine some employers taking a chance on people with a different kind of credential.
For one thing, the court may not immediately take up this matter, giving boosters of the laws the chance to dig in their heels.
But there's still a fair chance the increase could be much more than this.
Chance disaster as a bigger extinction threat than once thought.
If you want to see the original, however, you might get the chance to see it in theaters.
Each year visitors stand in line early for their chance at a ticket for the paint-a-pot project.
Midterm feedback from students gives professors a chance to adjust their courses to improve learning and student satisfaction.
Every year thousands enter a lottery for a chance to bathe in winter solstice sunlight in the prehistoric monument's main chamber.
Why does this article-writer got a chance to write his vision on the faster-than-light-neutrino's.
But the real draw for me was the chance to see humpback whales.
Stretch the time between waterings so plants have a chance to partially dry out.
Some see this chance for an education as their only chance in life, their last option.
It's about having a chance to reinvent yourself that many of us can only dream about.
It turns out, however, that our ability to shape our dreams is better than mere chance.
Some folks plan trips around the chance of seeing wildlife.
For the best chance of repeat bloom in subsequent years, choose a site in full sun that doesn't get much summer water.
But how to make a big breakthrough, well, that is equal parts chance and voodoo.
So this weekend is your best chance to see it and it should be much further along by then.
Alcoholics have trouble understanding jokes, but they may be missing out on much more than a chance to laugh.
Give the control a chance to work before trying something stronger.
Both are inevitable, but the first offers the best chance of immediate gains.
Oh, for the chance to go back and relive the past and not make the same mistake twice.
And it's enough to convince a coffee addict to give tea a chance.
It is a game of chance with the potential for disastrous consequences.
But student fees offer the best chance of pumping more resources into higher education.
Enter our contest for a chance to share your photos with the world.
But if water is applied too often, the pore spaces never have a chance to drain.
If you lose your phone or your computer, there's a fair chance you'll get it back if you're using some kind of tracking software.
But there's also a chance children might add significantly to your bliss.
McDowell, however, thought there was a chance that an operation could result in a complete cure.
Presumably someone who gets nominated has a better chance at an interview.
The long-term benefits sound substantial: an improved chance of getting a corner office and a six-figure salary.
Best chance for availability is early summer or fall.
By joining a new colony, members of the losing colony gained a chance at future reproduction.
But the animal's saliva may one day give some stroke sufferers a better chance of survival.
It's the students final chance to get any feedback prior to submission.
It would not be fair for me to offer the chance to you without offering the chance to other students.
Granting all who visit a chance to discover how life was meant to be lived.
That's when children should be trying to build stronger bones, as this period is their last chance to do so, she explains.
With its low-season rates through the month, here's your chance to get inside this oasis in the heart of the city.
Some see the crisis as a chance to change the way they do business.
On the odd chance they actually speak face to face to another human being, they're no better.
Usually such variety is attributed to the vagaries of history and chance.
She never had the chance to find out how much they might improve.
If you can't make that date, you have another chance.
They do help because they teach you tricks to speed up your response time and minimize the chance of errors.
We're going to leave the bees alone for awhile to give her a chance to do that.
My point is that you give those qualified applicants a chance without being blinded by student generated websites.
Didn't get the chance to grow much basil this summer.
Since it is stated that this list isn't comprehensive, don't take a chance.
There's a good chance students skip over answers they don't know intending to go back, and then they forget.
The spectacle looks to be the second-to-last chance to see the shower in this century.
After more than a week in remote rain forest, he got his chance.
The resulting downtime gave the crew a chance to get caught up on some things.
Part two of a series of articles on the neuroscience of chance.
Part one of a series of articles on the neuroscience of chance.
The lion should chase the gazelle for as long as possible to maximize the chance of catching it.
We're especially lucky to have the chance to enjoy them this year.
For her, our trip was a chance to revisit her childhood.
And the happier your dog, the better your chance of maintaining a garden you'll both enjoy.
The pruning improves air circulation, lessening the chance of fungal and bacterial mildews and rot.
There's a lot of money involved and a pretty good chance of getting it at this point.
Unfortunately this candidate will never be told that it was the teaching demo that killed his chance.
The testing service will offer them a chance to retake the test at no charge.
On the off chance you're not trolling, let me inform you that you learned the wrong lesson.
If and when an internal candidate is no longer under consideration, offer him a chance to withdraw gracefully and confidentially.
Although they were paid for their keen insights into world affairs, they often performed worse than random chance.
If you missed the movie in theaters, now's your chance to catch this great film.
By chance, they had spent some years of life together-that was all.
But few of us get a chance to peek into the minutiae of running a deli.
If you missed any of our news and politics entries, here's your chance to get caught up.
It's a committee of cronyism that thinks they should give money to films that, without them, have no chance of being made.
He failed to take the chance that might have saved you.
He buys it to read in the cars, in his leisure hours at home-in the hotel, at all chance moments.
He jotted down on ivory tablets thoughts, maxims, reflections which chance has preserved for the edification of posterity.
Being in a ship is being in a jail, with the chance of being drowned.
If a weapon evolves in nature, there is a certain chance that a counter-weapon will also evolve.
We really do have a chance of making inroads on those subjects.
There's a good chance you'll see an expat mom here at the village playground with her kids.
Each ticket has a one-in-seven chance of winning a prize, however small.
The more homes are on the market, the less chance that prices will stabilise.
Given the chance, she said, she would have done it all again.
And the chance to lock in low real yields for half a century is surely not to be missed.
And devolution has given a chance to talented local leaders from outside the civil service or army.
Such killings usually escape scrutiny-and controversy-because they preclude any chance of surrender.
Yes, there is a chance of other people catching the bug too, as contaminated human excrements could get to drinking water sources.
Ordinarily, companies angling for the contract would have had the chance to submit competing proposals.
What is cooked in its labs has little chance of seeing the light of the day.
Because the field is so new, there's still a chance to strike it rich, promoters promised.
Given the chance, their tractor beam will pull a particle all the way back to the source.
It's even rarer still that one would call you after a chance encounter and volunteer to help your family.
It's the best defense against gangs, violence, and drug use by kids-and the best chance to ensure their future.
Please give me a chance to connect with colleagues about your inquiry.
Chance was taken when an unexpected element presented itself.
If he had a chance to live outside the myth, it was by mastering the here and now.
He butchers prisoners, betrays everybody, and seizes the main chance.
It was a chance to take my two favorite tastes and put them together.
It provided a unique chance to design plates from a kitchen point of view rather than a dining room point of view.
Translation has actually given poets a chance to earn a living, unlike the actual business of poetry, which is no business at all.
So long as the work itself is worthy, he argued, it would stand an excellent chance of publication.
On the national scene people haven't yet had a chance to grow tired of him, or to examine the warts and the skeletons.
Americans need farm policy to be brought into line with health and climate-change policy, and now is our chance.
In general, propositions need heavy majorities in the summer polling to stand a chance in the fall.
Skeptical of reason in the wake of the war, dadaists turned to chance as an antidote.
Chance also found that the students weren't aware that they were deceiving themselves.
There is a chance that the quark itself might be composed of still smaller particles.
Under such conditions, there is little chance for noncompliance.
If you weren't abused, the chance of your getting into trouble with the law was much, much slimmer.
Eventually, some took a chance and did the development work.
Blind and double-blind tests have been administered, and the gorillas' level of performance is significantly above chance.
But she displayed inexplicable naivete by accepting a job in which she had no chance of succeeding.
Its soul has no chance to escape from limbo or purgatory.
Before the war he didn't have the slightest chance of being elected.
All you have to do is offer them a chance to make money and anything goes.
If he's survived prison then he deserves his chance at freedom again.
Most live on meager budgets, and a subway school may be their only chance for a bachelor's degree.
But it marked a departure by giving her the chance to investigate an ongoing conflict, to be relevant.
The chance of that happening in the same winter is incredibly unlikely.
Neither was given much chance of winning the nomination.
There are few moments in history when a lifesaving chance emerges.

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