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Example sentences for chambered

Their shells vary from simple tubes and spheres to elaborate, multi-chambered spirals and long, striated pods.
At five weeks, an embryo has developed a four-chambered heart and begun pumping blood.
Bone tissue and a two-chambered mouse heart have both been successfully printed.
Some of the fastest-twitching muscles in the world reside in the two-chambered swim bladder of toadfish.
The dual-chambered reservoir sits inside a reinforced sleeve, but you can still feel it bulge as it inflates.
Everything impinges on everything else, as indeed is the case throughout the many-chambered retrospective.
They have complex, chambered stomachs that rely on a host of symbiotic bacteria for digestion.
Double- or triple-chambered piles allow for ease of turning.
The sergeant cleared the weapon and chambered a fresh round, and the rifle resumed firing without further hitch.
Exotic shells are displayed on the table, including those graceful, curved beauties known as chambered nautiluses.
The key is an innovative, single-chambered microbial fuel cell.
They typically bear four-chambered nuts with thick nutshells and septa.

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All but blind In his chambered hole Gropes for worms The four-clawed Mole.... more
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