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Through flexible schedules, challenging courses and interactive learning, students achieve personal goals without putting.
The jobs that are about to be contracted out could prove more challenging still.
Photographing fireworks can be challenging but it's not impossible.
If you find relationships challenging to cultivate and maintain, then you are in good company.
Not surprisingly, something so challenging and so beyond our experience opened up all kinds of unusual avenues of discourse.
And the task is even more challenging when you're also trying to maintain privacy and create serenity in a bustling urban area.
If the official's call is upheld, the game resumes where it was, and the challenging team is docked a timeout.
Supporters say the policy offers an incentive to students to take more challenging.
Hence the contorted spectacle of a party preparing for power at a time when the markets are challenging its every orthodoxy.
Making matters more challenging are the area's large seasonal fluctuations in precipitation that affect climate and land use.
Parsing the origins and early history of dinosaurs is a challenging task.
Garden remodels can be especially challenging when you have to work around existing fixtures.
While it's relatively simple for a computer to sort nouns from verbs, the nuances of language are slightly more challenging.
Academe is their first choice, but the faculty job market is challenging and they are worried about finding a position.
Complex fractures, though-those that involve bones shattered into fragments-are more challenging.
What makes gene therapy so promising also makes it extremely challenging.
Keeping even the smallest ponds clear and free of algae can be challenging.
As you go, the game moves faster and provides more challenging problems for you to solve on the fly.
Antiprotons, though, are altogether more challenging to create than positrons.
As teachers they were challenging and really committed to their work.
Plants on slopes are often challenging to irrigate, since water can run downhill faster than it can seep into the root zone.
These are challenging times for defense contractors.
The ergonomics of text entry will especially be challenging on a device that size.
But finding a disorder that can account for those traits has proved challenging.
His laugh is robust and warm, and his mind is quick and can be challenging.
He scouts south of the border, the best place to find plants tough enough for his challenging desert climate.
Sounds simple enough, but the huge distances involved have made simulations challenging.
Perhaps it would have been more challenging if one player had been selected to work against the others.
Installing some elements proved especially challenging.
There is no way to overstate how exhausting and challenging field research is.
Regulating the industry will be challenging because the financiers serve litigants with diverse needs and interests.
He/She will be treated as a member of the multimedia staff and have creative input on challenging projects.
Years of repression have stifled any opposition capable of challenging him successfully.
It is when they start challenging norms and agitating for legal rights that the trouble typically starts.
Their founders also tend to be rebellious types who enjoy challenging authority.
To avoid damaging the site's wetlands and other natural features, he designed challenging narrow fairways on many of the holes.
Suggest that as they read they think about the qualities needed for her challenging job.
More challenging still may be a shift to cheaper methods of communication, such as e-mail.
But their work can be challenging and often dangerous.
The mammoth-ivory flutes would have been especially challenging to make, the team said.
So this reduction in data dimensionality to biology or to medicine is really a key and challenging problem.
Pebble-bed reactors pose some challenging design problems.
Data fusion is challenging because databases are riddled with errors and meaningless coincidences.
Parents and kids will have fun learning about geography together with this challenging electronic game.
The guided walk can be as leisurely, or as challenging, as you choose.
It's actually a heavy book, guided by a challenging viewpoint.
Yet rational arguments in favor of lab meat come up against a challenging foe: the yuck factor.
These subjects considered a far wider range of alternatives, which made them more likely to solve the challenging brain teasers.
It's challenging to find the everyday beliefs of your own culture clashing with the practices of another country.
Although our dry roast practice makes roasting more challenging, the preservation of flavor is definitely worth the effort.
It's worth considering, of course, what introverts actually find challenging about social interactions.
Chocolate desserts are some of the more challenging wine-pairing exercises if taken seriously.
Indeed, writing children's literature is more challenging that it might seem.
So late in life, he began challenging some of the best in the sport with only one condition: old school equipment.
Set goals that are challenging but still realistic enough to be achieved.
Researchers are challenging the auto industry to rethink security.
But making transistors from the material at the large scale necessary for industrial production has proved challenging.
The final course will be challenging, as live drivers and robots will be sharing the road.
Although the system is simple on a conceptual level, it's been challenging to implement.
For the sake of challenging your theory please ask yourself the following questions.
There's always something new and challenging to keep you entertained ensuring you never run out of games to play.
My record demonstrates the consistent and principled leadership our nation needs in these challenging times.
Moreover, the task of finding a flight with an airline that takes animals on board is challenging.

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