challenger in a sentence

Example sentences for challenger

Instead of sticking with the issues, you impugn the challenger's character and motives.
Challenger's handler crossed the majestic set to center stage, with the national bird's impressive talons encircling his arm.
If things are truly awful, he might even face a significant primary challenger.
Wait for a primary challenger that will likely never show up.
In politics, blacks wear either the mask of the challenger or that of the bargainer.
The way that's done in chimp society is to beat up the challenger.
And turnout was guaranteed to be low, a possible opening for a long shot challenger with an enthusiastic base of support.
The question was whether the challenger could stand as an equal with the more experienced, tested, and familiar figure.
And while there is continual chatter that her appeal may be dimming, no challenger has come close to catching her.
He faces no single challenger popular enough to rally widespread support.
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