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But when the product can be doled out as needed, our inventive spirit is challenged.
But the spiritual necessities of the people, both general and particular, challenged his principal attention.
The form in which he wrote challenged attention and provoked admiration.
To demote, when it came in during the war, was scarcely challenged.
Yet though the book thus challenged curiosity, the secret seems to have been well enough kept.
As he snuffed the scent he challenged loudly, while still lying down.
Professors and college leaders were challenged by legislators and others to prove their worth this year.
Then all of the students were challenged to write down the statements from memory.
Students must be challenged to think outside of the box.
Fortunately, the president's bold but fiscally-challenged budget won't become law.
We don't yet know what parts of the challenged statements will be introduced.
The subject of the study is challenged with thought experiments involving a runaway railway trolley or train carriage.
Most street pat-downs are never recorded, scrutinised by a prosecutor, challenged by a lawyer or adjudicated by a judge.
Once termed syntactically challenged, he rarely completes sentences.
It starts paying out if the prenup is challenged in court-so the company's profit will come from making that unlikely.
Now, seemingly inspired by a shared genius for self-parody, they have challenged each other to a public debate.
Such books are usually harmless, if slightly fact-challenged.
When reporters challenged him about this, he argued that it was because he had patriotism pinned to his heart.
No politician has challenged these two taboos and survived.
Any banking system would be challenged by anaemic growth, grinding deflation and interest rates close to zero.
Without hesitation, she challenged me, an intruder more than three times her height.
The study challenged previous research suggesting an ice age killed off the giant creatures before humans arrived on the island.
Demonstrations have been organized, land deals challenged, a public education center set up.
Such dancing challenged the rhythmic sensibilities of talented performers.
Each time, conservation groups have challenged the move in court and succeeded in blocking it.
Without being challenged as kids, our immune systems don't flourish.
Medical science is increasingly challenged to find the cause and to develop effective therapies.
The accuracy of their distance measurement is one of the areas that is being challenged.
Up to a certain height, taller people make more money than the vertically challenged.
Unlike their rocky counterparts, gas giants have long challenged astronomers when it comes to calculating their rotation.
If there's one thing that we've learned is that lessons are easily lost when challenged by greed.
The words can still induce panic attacks among the physics-challenged.
He appeared a bit shaky at first but held his own when challenged by other candidates on a range of issues.
It keeps its mouth shut except for a fear grimace, and when challenged makes a cringing retreat.
So that's a sign of success--that you challenged her emotionally about something.
The reliability of these observers and of their statements has not been challenged.
She had challenged her own party's corruption, at grave risk to her career.
Check out the description, in which viewers are challenged to create and post something longer.
The couple was challenged by the courts over adoption.
With the rains that have challenged our tomatoes and eggplant, the peppers seem to be thriving.
Nearly every aspect of her biography has been challenged, particularly if she was the source for it.
Kites with much plastic in their nest were rarely challenged, while those with little were challenged daily, even hourly.
The freezing times were later converted into a chart of temperature equivalents that was challenged from the start.
We humans aren't used to having our intelligence challenged.
But then that evidence would be challenged by every reputable scientist breathing.
So, when they are challenged, the best way to avoid a problem is not to push the envelope.
You'll see how many times evolution itself is dragged out and challenged with new findings.
But these gatekeepers of the technology business are now being challenged themselves.
However, they pull together and accomplish amazing feats once they are challenged.
Skeptics have long challenged our evidence for the existence of external objects.
Most investigative energy was directed at stories that supported, rather than challenged, the administration's case.
Except for one incident he has not challenged the accuracy of our account at any point.
The pheasant grew so large that, when other birds challenged it for seed, it would simply frighten them away.
The challengers' aesthetic was, well, aesthetically challenged.
The modern workplace offers no reasonable accommodation to the beauty-challenged.
It hearkens back to those days when sitcoms challenged preconceptions.
Therefore, she is always challenged, always at pains to prove her superiority again.
He repeatedly asked her if she'd had an affair, and she challenged his right to ask the question.
Their findings have challenged many prevailing myths.

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