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Exploring the promise and challenge of a new energy supply.
They add to the sense that this place is truly wild, and well worth the challenge.
It's always a challenge to do that, but it's an exciting challenge.
But almost any technical photographic challenge interested him.
Creating realistic, high-definition dinosaurs is still a tough challenge for animators.
The real challenge for the government is closing the country's huge imbalance between imports and exports.
Submit a compelling photo or video taken on a mobile device that captures a solvable challenge.
But as the deadline for applications nears, he seems unlikely to face any serious challenge.
The latest wave of immigrants settling around this famed harbor is bringing with it a particularly tough educational challenge.
It has a long and strong record of rising to the quality challenge.
The real challenge for legal education is to prepare lawyers for the future without knowing what the future holds.
Grappling with a different culture is often part of the challenge, and appeal, of teaching abroad.
Learning a new language can make the challenge of starting a new life in a foreign country less daunting.
Several contemporary sculptors recently have taken up the challenge of creating impossible art.
Obesity today ranks as a significant health challenge and studies show obesity to be a major cause of preventable mortality.
The idea with both is that you challenge authority, you challenge the dogma.
Teasing out the causes of this autoimmune disorder is a daunting challenge.
It was a much more difficult challenge than, say, beating a grandmaster at chess.
Despite their challenge, many become proficient at geometry, stats and computer programming.
Network operators frequently try to solve the challenge by increasing resources, but that strategy is often insufficient.
Three years later, that initial challenge has turned into a way of life.
One of the problems with this is that their shallow setbacks make creating even the semblance of a garden a challenge.
However, the biggest challenge was opening up the core of the house.
The challenge is to do it effectively without being obvious.
The challenge lies in the physical makeup of fish, which is more fragile than a hunk of meat.
Finding space for outdoor living and entertaining is always a challenge on tiny beach lots.
Some have been reflective and instructive, while others have sought to challenge and inspire.
And the first two essays, in particular, struck a note of challenge to all the popular critics of the day.
The long-term development of the economy remains a daunting challenge.
It will depend on how fully the situation that prompted the challenge is grasped.
Challenge your fellow-mortals as you will, but do not compete with a goddess.
But to challenge the validity of mathematics or of natural science was quite another matter.
The exercise portion of the weight-loss equation was a challenge from the beginning.
Still, there are some highly dangerous and violent prisoners who pose a serious challenge to prison discipline and safety.
Turning around that legacy will be the steepest challenge for whoever or whatever is to come next.
It's one thing if you challenge the conventional wisdom and are proved right.
Years ago, this was a challenge, but a manageable one.
Funding is always a challenge, and there's a tendency to view the organization as outdated.
Both roles are usually performed by a single dancer-it's an extraordinary challenge.
The challenge for anyone in show business is keeping a career afloat after the public's attention has moved elsewhere.
What's harder-and this is the particular challenge of democracies-is to get the best out of people in ordinary times.
Hirsch, aged seventy-one, is known for his willingness to challenge seemingly obvious conclusions.
Preparing food any more satisfying than this, however, would be a challenge.
Our basic goal is to encourage constructive change, and that remains a real challenge.
But once he overcame the challenge of getting mangosteens to bear, the thrill was gone.
If there's one fault here, it's that snagging a reservation is already becoming a challenge.
Reading or even holding a conversation is a challenge.
Botanists faced a similar challenge in finding the evolutionary tree of plants.
So, let's make some pills of pure arsenic or cyanide and challenge them to swallow them.
The technological challenge is to capture it, distribute it and use it as efficiently as possible.
The main nutritional challenge was avoiding starvation in late winter if primary meat sources became too scarce or lean.
The challenge would seem absurd-but if you were to change the roses to faces, nearly everyone could meet it.
Drinking is more of a challenge for cats than for us.
What makes it a challenge, perhaps as big a challenge as understanding consciousness itself, is the subjective aspect of dreaming.
My goal, now as then, is not to demean valuable ongoing research but to challenge excessive faith in scientific progress.
Of course, figuring out how to pose complex questions to neurons is a monumental programming challenge.
For many decades this model was incredibly important, as it provided a foil with which to challenge the big bang theory.
Finding suitable eggs and surrogate mothers for the cloning of extinct or endangered animals will pose another challenge.
One challenge for human transplants will be finding a way to prevent the immune system from rejecting the new discs.
Now researchers face the challenge of identifying specific environmental triggers.
Once you have people in the trial, it's often a challenge to retain them.
Adversity and challenge are what improve us as individuals, as a country, and as a species.
It made me think that pain must be as great a challenge to the human imagination as pleasure.
Any contender for power will need a capacity to finance his challenge or the ability to take away from his colleagues' power base.
Everybody knew that the party would quickly crush a direct challenge to its authority, and nobody wanted to go to prison.
The vastly diverse student population is an additional challenge.
Even the inventors of brand management continue to find it a challenge.
Their actions, their selflessness poses a challenge to each of us.
Today, before you go to pack it in for the night and get some sleep, challenge yourself to do nothing for two whole minutes.
The federal deficit is a serious challenge in the long run.
The constant challenge is not so much the creative process, but the challenge of presenting an idea to the public.
However, any criminal prosecution would face substantial legal challenge.
Ralph for his part feels the growing challenge, and appeal, of impending manhood.
Bringing a railway line into a large town or city was a monumental challenge.
The first is the idea that somehow computer achievements pose some sort of threat or challenge to human beings.
In a country obsessed with walls, he is a living challenge to the political system.
The article is a challenge to others to formulate a shared narrative that will enhance the prospects of success.
The challenge for any established brand is to win new customers without losing the old ones.
By friend and foe alike they are exempted from challenge.
The first challenge always seemed to be getting you adequately coiffed and made up.
However, if you set them a verbal challenge, a frisson sweeps through them.
The first was the challenge of telling a story about a place that resists grand, popular narratives.
She loved the challenge of being married to an intellectual and a great actor and a big star.
If you leave a challenge unanswered, the punks will start stealing your waves.
Life is meant to be a challenge, because challenges are what make you grow.
Audiences have lost the feeling for revelation and challenge that vital pop art once regularly provided.
The challenge was to weave the strands together into a unified work of art.
It was always a challenge to not laugh on top of these actors' takes because they were so funny.
The crowd fed off his bravado, sensing a less-than-cordial intent in the challenge.
The challenge is web-based and each participant needs their own email address to participate.
But so far, that challenge has only been accepted to varying degrees.
The challenge will be in getting patients to adopt these tools.
Solid-state lighting is mounting a challenge to light bulbs.
But a big challenge has been how to deliver power to electronic components embedded within the body.
The challenge is that these languages process data in static batches.
We are driven to answer the challenge of the imagination by inspiring cutting-edge, innovative thinking.
One challenge in creating stretchable electronics is to develop an electrode that maintains its conductivity when deformed.
It will be a challenge, though, to break into the solar market.
The biggest challenge for electric vehicles remains bringing down the size and cost of their batteries.
But this introduces a new challenge: increased weight.
The biggest challenge facing solar power is the cost of infrastructure.
Extracting that enormous resource of power, however, has proved to be a herculean challenge.
Ricker says winning the loan guarantee was a challenge.
Driving directions are trivial compared to this computational challenge.
Making materials that take advantage of this higher theoretical capacity has been a challenge.
The challenge has been to reliably make thin-film solar cells at a large scale.
Making robust water filters that can remove salt and arsenic without requiring a lot of energy has been a challenge.
Getting access to drinking water is a daily challenge for more than one billion people in the world.
Even with the full dragline silk gene sequence, producing artificial silk is a challenge.
Winter presents an interesting apparel challenge for those who want to play outside.
But depositing indium antimonide transistors onto silicon creates an additional challenge.
Frictionless sharing helps, but getting others to care is the bigger challenge.
The challenge of producing, storing, and transporting hydrogen affordably has kept fuel cells from becoming popular.
The other major challenge with electric vehicles is the cost of the battery packs.

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