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Example sentences for chalkboard

Once again he eschews chalkboard economics in favour of a reader-friendly guide to the economics of everyday life.
The diagrams on the chalkboard will still be familiar.
After a little time at the chalkboard they had their plan in place.
Thistle lists its ever-changing menu on a chalkboard, along with the names of its purveyors.
The teacher turned to the chalkboard, her book open on the desk, and began to write instructions for the children to copy.
For others, following a process step-by-step on the chalkboard or whiteboard makes much more sense.
Out went the stalwarts of traditional math: the rote memorization drills, the droning chalkboard lectures.
Seating is at contemporary dark-wood tables and booths, and a giant chalkboard displays the menu.
The relaxed setting features exposed brick walls, chalkboard menus, hardwood floors and ceiling fans.
The dinning room has bright lighting, table seating, fish decorations and chalkboard menu on the wall.
The menu is hand written on a large chalkboard each day.
Guests will walk in and immediately see the chalkboard menu, off of which to order.
Study the chalkboard menu, and order your meal directly from the chef, exactly how you want it.
The casual environment includes hardwood floors, chalkboard menus and sidewalk dining.
The rustic interior includes painted white brick walls, framed mirrors and chalkboard menus.
The casual chain restaurant features chalkboard menus and limited seating.
The interior provides a relaxed setting, complete with chalkboard menus, cherry wood furnishings and an old wooden bar.
Hearty portions of pizza and pasta are on the menu, plus a variety of daily specials are advertised on the chalkboard outside.
There are toppings listed on a chalkboard, along with a scant menu of wines and beer.
They mark a new use for felt, a material best known for chalkboard erasers and poodle skirts.
Students will use one that the teacher has prepared and displayed on the chalkboard for this discussion.
Write down their answers on butcher paper or chalkboard and review them at the end of the lesson.
Have a recorder for each team write notes on the chalkboard of the points raised by his or her side.
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