chalk line in a sentence

Example sentences for chalk line

Mark these locations at intervals equal to the length of the chalk line used for marking.
They draw a chalk line around their sun dome squares so that they can return to the same place later that day.
Old time group photographers used to put a chalk line on the ground.
Layout tools such as soapstone, chalk line, or carpenter's square.
Use masking tape or a white chalk line to create a plot on the floor where the panel will be installed.
The first course of blocks is aligned along a chalk line struck on the concrete footing.
Joints should be installed with a chalk line or straight edge to keep the joints straight.
One method is to snap a chalk line along the back of the block at the superelevation slope.
However, claimant did not own a chalk line or tear off forks.
Point to the chalk line as you summarize what happened.
If necessary, a level chalk line may be snapped along the walls as a guide.
He promised to walk the chalk line of sobriety hereafter, and was re leased during good behavior.
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