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Then determine how much surface area you need for pushpins, magnets, and chalk.
For a longer-lasting star that can be walked on, use spray or marking chalk.
Since prehistoric times, locals have scratched away the topsoil from these hills to expose the chalk underneath.
On the second night, he asked for a ladder, climbed up the generator and made a chalk mark on its side.
O happy day, and one to be marked for me with the whitest of chalk.
Then the wolf went away to a shopkeeper and brought himself a great lump of chalk, ate this and made his voice soft with it.
Bet one of your fans would pay big money for the chalk boards.
Some economists chalk up the jobless recovery to a demand shortfall and end the discussion there.
Or you can chalk it up to a personal responsibility.
Many people still chalk up the destructive behavior of a drug addict to a lack of willpower or weakness of character.
On the second night, he asked for a ladder, climbed up the generator and made a chalk mark on its side.
So, chalk up another few failed theories for the denier camp.
His argument, that the ball was in because chalk flew up from the line, has been lost to history.
My advice to you is to chalk this up to a learning experience: don't read your student's personal blog.
Old time group photographers used to put a chalk line on the ground.
Then the wolf went away to a shopkeeper and bought himself a great lump of chalk, ate this and made his voice soft with it.
For dark shoes, use a thin colored marker or chalk to outline the shapes.
It's the musical equivalent of giving everyone a piece of chalk to draw on the sidewalk with.
Chalk poisoning occurs when someone accidentally or intentionally swallows chalk.
Inside he discovered a short stick of white chalk, a cardboard-framed slate, and a sponge in the cutest round box.
Outside hangs a blackboard with prices scrawled in chalk.
Alas, that wasn't the end of it-not by a long chalk.
Her earliest project with her first, secondhand camera was to photograph children's chalk drawings on the pavements.
His votes, tallied up in chalk on a garage door, are still on display.
Some may chalk this up to a cultural preference for early retirement.
His face in chalk looks down on the city from a hillside.
Likely they're worried about liability, so chalk another one up to the pernicious influence of lawyers.
He has proposed a set of symbols that can be scribbled on the pavement using chalk to signal the presence of a nearby hotspot.
She has yet to chalk up any significant accomplishments or results for this state.
Add the fact that they all are culturally as different as chalk and cheese.
It has no desks, only a single blackboard and intermittent supplies of chalk.
Now they have to chalk up almost all that light to the neighboring star.
There's even a white-chocolate variety, dusted with chalk.
Biologist's often chalk up questions about why nature does not cover a particular innovation to historical limitations.
The bones were as brittle as chalk and had been trampled.
The mask, cadaverous and chalk-white, is equipped with sensors that allow a computer to monitor and track its location.
As the chalk sediments built up over time, they formed the three layers of the cliffs: upper, middle and lower.
Younger members in a family reunion can spend hours with sidewalk chalk while drawing pictures.
It was red chalk dust, totally lacking in smell or taste.
Chalk can be broken down chemically by a weak acid solution.
Backscatter technology produces an image that resembles a chalk etching.
Amateurs to professionals create chalk art drawings on downtown sidewalks.
Chalk up another victory for environmentally and socially responsible finance.
It is easy to chalk that up to simple human carelessness.
Villages are marked with scraps of paper, tracks are marked in chalk, twigs mark a river crossing.
The motif is then pricked with a pinwheel and lightly dusted with chalk to mark the fabric.
You've got to chalk that up to the sick materialism we're all caught up in.

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