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Example sentences for chalice

The shock was not mortal when they concluded a living wage would be a poisoned chalice.
They will pray and place their handwritten ballots in a chalice atop an altar.
Blossoms are chalice shaped, flaring at the mouth into two unequal lips, the lower one larger than the upper.
For one thing, there is no credible replacement willing to grasp the poisoned chalice.
The result is a thick revelation that's best sipped from a snifter or chalice.
Our destiny offers, not the cup of despair, but the chalice of opportunity.
He drinks wine out of gold goblets and eats cereal out of a turquoise chalice.
Faith is identified by her now-broken cross and chalice.
Faith, gowned in purest white and surrounded by a halo of divine light, holds a chalice with a serpent she need not fear.
Power without surveillance by higher authorities was a poisoned chalice that transformed character in unpredictable directions.

Famous quotes containing the word chalice

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