chalet in a sentence

Example sentences for chalet

If someone wants to buy a beach cottage or a mountain chalet,fine,but don't ask for a subsidy.
In addition, a four-bedroom, two-bathroom chalet with full kitchen is also available for rent.
The two others died in a fire in the chalet that started four days after the killings.
The chalet is the largest of the two structures and is a two-story building with a gable roof.
The chalet offers a warm retreat with restrooms and concessions daily.
There's also a chalet with food service and a ski and snowboard rental shop.
The balconies have jigsawn railings, reminiscent of chalet buildings.
Each day after a long ride in the mountains, guests would stay at a different hotel or chalet.
The chalet, a ranch-style building complete with kitchen facilities, is available for summer and winter group outings.
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