chairman in a sentence

Example sentences for chairman

He calls its president its chairman or managing director.
Skill at fighting for your department is part of the chairman's job but it is not the purpose of academic leadership.
The chairman knew perfectly well that he was going to be harming the environment and decided to go ahead anyway.
Delegates postponed a decision about the exact terms of office of the group's chairman and head of the secretariat.
The commentator also claims that the chairman said he would try out some techniques in the book, and sent the book to a library.
Under the current chairman, that one tool may suffice.
Having failed as the firm's chairman, his only contribution to better governance is to resign along with its other top executives.
He would stay a year as executive chairman, said an advisor, and then do something else.
Legend had it that he knew every state party chairman in the country.

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You know, when these New Negroes have their convention—that is going to be the chairman of the Committee ... more
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