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Example sentences for chair rail

The hall also contains a recessed-panel, green-painted wainscot with a pedestal chair rail.
The entrance hall has a molded chair rail and wainscotting.
Paint the existing chair rail to match the frames of the photographs.
The walls of the room are light in color above and darker below with a chair rail separating the colors.
Paralleling the stair is an oak- grained wainscot and chair rail.
The remaining walls in the parlor have paneled wainscoting to chair rail height.
The rear rooms are plain with the exception of the mantels and chair rail in the rear hall.
The mantel and chair rail in the west room have been removed.
The room preserves its simple baseboard and chair rail.
Paralleling the stair is a handsomely paneled wainscot with a rounded chair rail.
It covers a pedestal chair rail, and no evidence of an earlier stair is discernible.
Wainscoting in this room has distinctive wide paneling, comprised of single planks, and a chair rail enriched with dentil molding.
The interior walls also feature a wainscoting divided into dado panels with a simple baseboard and topped by a chair rail.
Each room has a baseboard, but no chair rail or crown molding.
The roan has a double-paneled wainscot that features small recessed panels above larger ones and a molded chair rail.
The hall has a paneled wainscot and double chair rail molding.
Both rooms are equipped with horizontal flush board wainscot with molded base and molded chair rail.
The remaining walls feature wainscoting and chair rail.
The living room retains its original mantel and chair rail.
The panels of the dado correspond to those in the tall field above and both the base and chair rail are molded.
In the nave, the walls are random width beaded board wainscoting with chair rail.
Above the chair rail there is plaster, painted pink, up to the heavily molded wood cornice.
Trim includes wood window and door casings, and a partial picture mold and chair rail.
The east room has its original pine flooring, baseboards, chair rail and also has wainscot paneling.
There is a chair rail in the master bedroom and dining room.
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