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He took a seat on a chair in the middle of the stage and tucked his legs up under him in the lotus position.
His chair is a simple rush-bottomed seat painted in sunny, yellow tones.
When going to bed, always position a chair behind the door as a safety pre-caution.
The furniture ranges from a bolted-down ski-lift chair to an old-fashioned school desk.
He is distinguished and sits well forward on the caned seat of his chair.
The chair has a tubular steel frame with woven multi-color solid plastic piping used for the chair's seat and back.
Invite your department chair to observe your teaching early on in the term.
If he fails to turn up, he risks being represented by an empty chair.
The boys take the first jet-powered office chair for its first run on the open road.
Imagine you are almost dozing in a lounge chair outside, with a magazine on your lap.
However, he managed to tip the chair over whereupon all the defendants got up and started fighting with the marshals.
Turn a drab thrift-store chair into a stylish accent for any room in your home.
The chair of the search committee explained the job.
The chair is a milking stool, the bathroom sink an animal trough.
Say, for example, you invent a four-legged swivel chair.
Then she added a rattan chair and table, a water bowl, and garden art.
There's even a rather uncomfortable but cool-looking chair welded from old handlebars.
Some people shut their eyes or clench the arms of their chair when they are watching a horror movie.
The door to my right swings open to reveal a large chair bristling with wires and leather straps.
The catch was the chair was powered by the wind as he launched his chair attached to helium-filled balloons.
It will even have a bed custom-made to match your favorite chair.
The memories will make you a heck of a lot happier than, say, a new wing chair.
Here, a cowhide chair and an abstract painting pick up on the earthy palette.
If there is one thing that seems inescapable about summer's backyard barbeques and patio parties, it's the white plastic chair.
Eight months ago, my department chair decided that she hates me.
But it is the chair that keeps tempting me, promising some escape into a timeless moment.
The chair had goofed on how many people were allowed on the panel, and one of us had to go.
Imagine living without the gravity that keeps you on your chair and your pencil on your desk.
Seemingly overnight, the one-piece plastic chair has become a world fixture.
Relax, lean back in your comfortable chair and join me on a journey.
In my experience, this means that the chair has significant impact on the hiring.
The chair is perplexed that our division has so many meetings, and that they are so long.
The chair will let you know what hotel and whose name the hotel room is under.
The student went to the chair to complain and upon sharing my grade calculations with the chair, the latter agreed with me.
He crossed carrying a table and chair, stopping in the middle to try to sit down and prop up his legs.
At the first meeting, which was held yesterday, the chair.
Quaffing ale from pewter tankards, in the master's antique chair.
My boots and chair and candlestick are fairies in disguise, meteors and constellations.
He was afterwards torn by beasts, and placed on an iron chair and roasted.
As the machine-gun barrels were chair legs and the handlebars were crutches, the effect was more theatrical than threatening.
The panel chair gave me one more minute, then cut me off in mid-sentence.
Other training sessions involve what's called a vestibular chair.
When the buzzer sounds, half of the singles move to another chair and a different partner, in a kind of round robin.
Upon returning to the chair she spin one revolution counter-clockwise.
Presently the muscle gives her problems during day and night and she can not walk with out crutches or uses a wheel chair.
He's racing through ideas in marketing, environment and finance, and swinging in his chair as he goes.
So the chair ordered the technicians to reset the system.
One task is to chair some sectoral councils, for instance of agriculture ministers.
Jackets will be bought in duplicate, so that one can be permanently on the back of the chair.
Looking at a chair, his hands would be all over the rails and the struts.
Today's global bosses have enough on their plates without having to chair board meetings as well.
The chair induced the same false sensations that led pilots to mistrust their turn indicators.
Let's say you sought the ultimate ergonomic office chair, or a device that redefined portable audio.
The sheriff leaned back his chair and studied the ceiling.
He also fidgets, bobs slightly up and down in his executive desk chair, and weaves.
Her wheel chair stands before and empty easel, her paints and brushes remain on a nearby work table.
Those days of lounging around in an overcrowded hotel swimming pool, sitting on a broken deck chair are gone.
No weak-kneed stagger as she tried to make it to an empty chair.
His imprint profoundly influenced everything from the literature of the day to chair styles.
If you quickly sit down in a chair, you accelerate your brain.
If you stand on a chair, you'll move into the future that much faster.
The room was little more than a large closet, containing a desk and a chair.
Carolyn was asked to sit down in the chair and pick a treat from a tray of marshmallows, cookies, and pretzel sticks.
The larger one, the one doing all the talking, had turned his chair sideways and perched himself on its arm.
He put the mobile phone beside him, on the arm of the chair.
He sat at one end of the tables, leaning back in his chair, his knee propped against the table edge.
He reclined in his chair, his knees apart, unaware that one of his testicles was inching out of the inner lining of his shorts.
He pulled a metal folding chair over near the pickup.
Sue would sit at one end of the seating area, two large facing sofas flanking her and a chair at the other end.
She pointed to a certain chair and told me it was his favorite.
The point was to sit in your garden chair for four hours and watch the show on an array of television sets.
He's seated in a high chair, dressed in a white suit and a large blue bib.
But then she straightens up in her chair and gives a blank, faux-happy smile, as if beaming mindlessly for the camera.
Her hand tapped and she moved restlessly in her chair.
Serge smashed the living-room window with a chair, and they literally threw their five children out to safety.
Imus is in the corner of the family room in a chair, watching television.
Or plop into an egg-shaped easy chair and catch a minute's snooze.
For starters, each one has a reclining leather chair, plus a full-size bed.
The down dog, the triangle with chair, the scorpion.
Dark woods and heavy fabrics are mainstays of romantic dining, and many dining room chair seats can be easily recovered.
Grandma's old walker, your dad's crutch from when he had the gout, a broken chair with the big empty box of disposable diapers.
Kids should be encouraged to sit up in a chair at a desk with their feet on the floor while working on a computer.
The patient sits in a chair that is rolled backward into place.
And sitting for long periods leads to chair disease and back pain.

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