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Example sentences for chain reaction

Each pairing set off a chain reaction, the strings of connection growing ever more tangled and frayed.
Each phrase must trigger the next in a kind of chain reaction.
His yawning caused a chain reaction of yawns from every member of the pride.
Water can also act as a nuclear moderator: a substance that aids a chain reaction.
There, supercooled water droplets migrate to the ice crystals, feeding a chain reaction of ice formation.
When something distracts one of them, it is a chain reaction.
The researchers speculate that writing about one's values can kick off a chain reaction.
Even a small political shock could push over a domino causing a chain reaction that leads to one outcome or the other.
Think about the sun and other stars on the one hand, or the uncontrolled chain reaction of a hydrogen bomb on the other.
Or an advanced physics experiment goes haywire, negating space-time in a runaway chain reaction.
At high enough densities, this chain reaction of neutron-induced fission can produce a nuclear explosion.
He is trying to build an automated version of the polymerase chain reaction.
So it's easy to see how a chain reaction of firings can sweep through the brain if conditions are ripe.
Infectious prions with this configuration would set off a chain reaction that would convert normal protein to the deadly form.
The way to cut off a fission chain reaction, then, is to intercept the neutrons.
The chain reaction that actually runs the reactor can be shut off in a matter of seconds.
Nuclear criticality refers to a sustained nuclear fission chain reaction.
To control or shut down a nuclear chain reaction, control rods are used.
The only use anyone could think of for this material was to cause a uranium chain reaction.
It was not even sufficiently clear whether a chain reaction could be technically realized.
The result is a chain reaction in which more and more protein ends up as prions.
Reliance rarely develops its new ventures quietly, so rumours and leaks about its plans have sparked a chain reaction.
These rods, made of neutron-absorbing materials such as boron, mop up excess neutrons and quench the chain reaction.
Arguments rage over which chain reaction would be more damaging: serial bail-outs or serial defaults.
Someone needs to explain the entire chain reaction, if only in hindsight.
Pile enough pebbles together and a chain reaction will start.
But that set off a chain reaction, which was also predictable.
In such a situation, it is a matter of time that some of the economies will pop by a chain reaction.
The term covers a runaway nuclear chain reaction, not radioactive materials being involved in a chemical explosion.
If we're not careful, our attempts to rectify that balance will only trigger another, even more destructive chain reaction.
Since it so easily triggers a chain reaction, the yawn reflex opens a window onto mood transmission, an essential part of empathy.
When the body senses damage to a blood vessel, it starts a biochemical chain reaction-called a cascade-to repair the injury.
As the density increased, the distance between the nuclei decreased, setting off a chain reaction.
The loose floors in turn smashed into the floors below them, starting a chain reaction and leveling the whole building.
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