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In instances where this is not the case, you have to be more persistent or go up the chain of command.
Try to defuse the situation as best you can, without bothering those further up on the chain of command.
When they do, you should talk with your immediate supervisor, being careful to follow the chain of command.
Making anonymous accusatory phone calls or spreading hearsay up a chain of command is not an honorable thing to do.
They will be obeying sane orders that have come sanely down the chain of command.
That's why in the military, for example, leadership is pushed as far down the chain of command as possible.
Frank is so eager to prove himself that he initially ignores the chain of command and steps on a few toes.
But not so in the upper reaches of the nuclear chain of command.
Who else higher in the chain of command might have ordered this remains unknown.
The manual includes topics such as chain of command, use of weapons, and arrest procedure.
They had a chain of command and were making decisions.
All-channel data flow reduces the need for an explicit chain of command.
Nuclear bombers and missiles were all brought together under a single chain of command.
But their primary messages and handed down from much further up the chain of command.
It has no clear structure or evident chain of command.
Despite its fierce campaign of violence, the group has an undefined structure and no clear chain of command.
There is a clear chain of command, and patients are at the bottom of it.
There is still no sign that the rebels have a proper chain of command.
The big idea that bubbled up through the chain of command was a long-haul counter-insurgency campaign.
From day to day, private security personnel operate outside the chain of command and are not subject to military discipline.
Tensions have arisen between rival militias and the chain of command is far from clear.
But this limits capacity and interferes with the chain of command.
If there was any boxing-in, it is perhaps due to the primacy of the military principle of chain of command.
But, in my experience, that level of willingness to escalate up the chain of command is extremely rare.
Their testimony could prove vital in helping him reach those responsible higher up the chain of command.
As you move down the chain of command, it does not get much better.
The charge of insubordination sizzled rapidly through the media and up the chain of command.
But by design, the investigations were focused downward in the chain of command, not up to those who set the policy.
There is a large measure of freedom from the authoritarian chain of command.
The response in their unit and their chain of command was almost uniformly positive.
Or, when they do, it generates enormous agony and angst inside the chain of command.
Despite a few reports of mutinous acts, however, the chain of command has held.
Military intelligence meant intercepting the enemy chain of command.
The systemic failures began occurring almost immediately following the disaster, in part because of an unclear chain of command.
He dreamed of someday leading his own platoon, then working his way up the chain of command until retirement.
It's about civilian control of the military, respect for the chain of command, and the concepts of disrespect and insubordination.
The responsibility for that extends way up the chain of command, in ways that will become clear only with time and investigation.
But one important accusation does seem fair, and might be starting to stick: there is no clear chain of command.
Performance evaluations emphasize a zero-defect mentality, meaning that risk-avoidance trickles down the chain of command.
But a supple and flexible civilian-military chain of command is an immensely useful tool.
Imagination, reflection, and the ability to learn from errors are needed by people at the top of the chain of command.
Neither the president nor the vice president is mentioned in the new directive as being part of the chain of command.
His mission is to persuade urban planners to conduct war games and establish a chain of command for emergency personnel.
Some of the suspects, including senior generals and admirals, have said they acted in a chain of command.
And in both cases, the chain of command told a different story.
It is now possible for victims to seek medical treatment without having to report the crime to police or their chain of command.
Instead, it cut the funds for flood control and storm preparations and mangled the chain of command.
If you need help, follow the chain of command to get issues resolved.
Establishing a chain of command minimizes confusion during an emergency.
Chain of command does not prevent personnel from directly communicating with each other to ask for or share information.
Teachers and parents will be encouraged to bring their concerns directly to the immediate supervisor in the chain of command.
During the probationary period, a represented employee's job performance will be reviewed quarterly by the chain of command.
Note the school district's policy regarding the appropriate chain of command and any time limits on when a complaint can be filed.
The chain of command is also known as the command channel.
The chain of command determines if the level of risk is acceptable for the mission.
The chain of command shares in the responsibility for the safety of our troops.
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