chain mail in a sentence

Example sentences for chain mail

Chain mail is tiny little rings of thick iron wire that were clasped together to make protective clothing.
My slinky sorceress' robe will have a chain mail foundation garment, at minimum.
Not sure how you could incorporate the chain mail bikini yet, but there's got to be a way.
The goal is to capture the castle, which allows you to raise money by levying tariffs on chain mail and mead.
He weighs in on the virtues of alternating welded and riveted links in chain mail.
Instead of chain mail, he wears magical tattoos for protection.
It's a combination of hearts, gin rummy and chess, dressed up in chain mail with supernatural powers.
Nature's chain mail provides this viral genome's interior with exceptional protection.
Creating or forwarding of chain mail regardless of content, sources, or destinations.
The chain mail organization of the subunits was confirmed.
The chain mail attached to his open-faced helmet was gilded.
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