chagrined in a sentence

Example sentences for chagrined

They waited in the hall, looking chagrined and angry.
With legs crossed and mouths pursed, they appear chagrined by what was meant to be a delicious fantasy.
The group started out sluggishly, as if a bit chagrined.
He is chagrined at the basic historical facts he was once taught but can no longer remember or, worse, never knew to begin with.
Doctors say they are chagrined when they hear such stories.
The scholar stood a moment silent, his eyes bent on the ground, his countenance chagrined.
For their hugeness they are often known, and often chagrined to be known, as megachurches.
Engineers have often found themselves chagrined by the results of previous quakes.
Jin is somewhat chagrined that he has been working longer and yet is finishing later.
Chagrined, the police challenged him to break out of a locked jail cell.
She was so adept at this work that when she quit the firm to be married the foreman was greatly chagrined.

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