ceviche in a sentence

Example sentences for ceviche

The guys tell me it is high-energy food for active people: quinoa, fish, ceviche.
On the menu are seven different types of ceviche, all equally exquisite.
Menu items at this quaint little spot include homemade tortillas, ceviche and tostadas.
Appetizers include chilled seafood ceviche, chicken or steak nachos and quesadillas.
Start the meal off with an appetizer such as deep fried calamari, ceviche or tuna tartare.
Try the handmade guacamole, or start your meal off with fresh ceviche.
The tapas menu includes such dishes as truffle potato chips, ceviche and tuna tartare.
The chef works in the ceviche tradition, marinating fish to flavor them.
What's more, ceviche delivers the nutritional benefits of seafood and is naturally low in calories and fat.
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