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From one of the letters dropped a certified check for five figures for a contract equal to five pages in the magazine.
And they don't have to be certified by the state or any medical board to do this surgery.
Access to pasture is a requirement for certified-organic poultry products, including eggs.
Choose only products labeled as organic or certified organic.
It's an important job, and if you're a certified diver you can help.
The instructors also offer private guiding for certified divers.
All bio-based, certified flooring choices are eco-friendly.
Both outfitters also rent tanks and equipment to certified divers who want to go it alone.
The rainforest retreat, built in part from certified forest wood, relies on solar panels and candles for light.
If no cases are seen for three years after that, the disease will be certified as eradicated.
There is no incentive to ensure that offsets in their portfolio are real, only that they have been certified by the regulator.
Coffee plantations or large family firms cannot be certified.
They also have the option to transfer to another college that is certified to accept foreign students.
My own tenure was certified with a terse mimeographed letter from the university trustees.
Take the names they give you, call each office and ask if the ob/gyn is board-certified.
In theory, if the strawberry cream cheese is certified kosher, it doesn't contain carmine-based dye.
After that, you can do something to become a specialist and become board certified in zoo medicine.
Before anyone's claim to celestial fame is ensured, however, new objects need to be certified as such.
The group is a mix of certified arborists, a canopy biologist, a professional photographer and a filmmaker.
Serves only certified fair-trade organic coffee that's been roasted in small batches for better flavor.
We are also certainly tortoise enthusiasts but not certified tortoise experts.
Student pilots and support divers must become scuba certified in order to compete.
Also, irradiation is not permitted on certified organic products.
The seed that does go in won't be the latest-generation certified seed from agricultural companies, but saved seed.
Our family is fortunate to have access to several dairy farms which are certified by the state to sell raw milk.
In other words, make sure the device is certified to remove what you're hoping to remove.
There is anecdotal evidence that bees kept in a certified organic system have not been effected by colony collapse.
Plants of certified industrial hemp species are not suitable for drug use.
But getting certified is expensive, time-consuming and generally unnecessary for research goals.
They fear that chemicals used at a neighboring corn farm could hamper their efforts to be certified as organic producers.
The principal actors and much of the crew had to be scuba-certified.
Providers would be certified as reliable and secure.
Must be independently verified by government or government certified testing facilities to get tax credits.
It is one of the few farms certified to the highest animal welfare standards in the country.
Meanwhile certified scholars continue to work strenuously on new studies and new editions.
Then, good medical journals might refuse to publish articles that are not certified.
For those certified at scuba, the hotel offers unlimited diving.
What they are selling is future launches on a rocket that is not yet certified.
Go to your board-certified physician an ask them about vaccinations, and do the research yourself.
Shut down production lines would have to be re-certified.
Certified water and wastewater operators are essential for the protection of public health and the environment.
Fifteen more are expected to be certified by the end of this year, and a similar number in each of the next two years.
The products are made with natural ingredients, and three are certified organic.
All the social workers did was send a certified letter.
He said that he was hoping to go back to school to become a certified electrician.

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