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My father was a junior, but not on his birth certificate.
He even produced a certificate from the local health department to prove it.
By the way, her age was changed on the marriage certificate.
Certificate authorities create a key pair of both a private and a public key for you.
The balance of graduate students were enrolled in certificate programs.
Download this certificate of appreciation for your trick-or-treater.
Some boards, however, require a new certificate of occupancy in this situation.
In other words they hired her without a certificate but made her earn her certificate quickly.
Each handsome globe comes with a certificate of authenticity.
They each come with a certificate of authenticity imprinted on a plastic credit card.
Each watch comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Certificate must be redeemed in one visit, with no credit or no cash back.
Also, whether there are any free or low-cost online learning options that award some sort of certificate or degree.
Federal regulations require that pilots have a valid medical certificate in addition to a pilot's license to fly legally.
Postbaccalaureate certificate programs are a small but growing phenomenon in student affairs.
If you have insurance now, get a certificate of coverage from your current insurance carrier to present to the new carrier.
There are situations, however, where it may be impossible for an owner to obtain a certificate of occupancy.
He is weighing paid options, perhaps online, perhaps a certificate from a community college.
For many destinations, a birth certificate is all that's required.
However, they would not receive any, but such as could carry sufficient certificate of their modesty and good behavior.
The clergy have bronchitis, which does not seem a certificate of spiritual health.
Certificate of live birth is not a birth certificate.
The client is required, without exception, to provide a certificate of insurance.
Donors' names are recorded on the website and they get a certificate of donation.
Pill had a more dignified name on her birth certificate, but everyone had more or less forgotten it.
He became so good at submitting his claims that he obtained a paralegal certificate along the way.
You'd be better off printing your own certificate and donating the money to a local planetarium.
For the sake of argument, let's suppose this birth certificate is genuine.
Think of it as a certified copy of a birth certificate.
There is no need whatsoever to make your own certificate.
He admitted that few graduate students pursue the certificate because it's a lot of work for no academic credit.
After two years' training, her apprentice will qualify as a hair stylist, with a certificate to boot.
Along with the application you must have a certified copy of your birth certificate.
Ensure to print out two copies of the certificate if you need to re-show them the certificate to explain how it works.
Contact the county where you were born to learn how you can order a certified copy of your birth certificate.
If the vaccination records or certificate are hand-written, they must be signed by your veterinarian.
Above a table hung a framed birth certificate and a political-campaign poster featuring the party's logo-a riverboat.
They were all the same: certificate-of-deposit frauds, money-laundering.
His birth certificate said so, his military records said so, all the census forms he ever filled out said so.

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