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In fact, the one certainty is that the manager will eventually have a duff year when he earns no performance fee at all.
Truth comes from a process of empirical validation, not from self-confirming illusions of certainty because someone said it.
In fact, certainty has proved much easier to market.
In fact, it's a certainty that both of the things above will happen in the next several million years.
However, only you can decide how important summer certainty at this place is for you.
The collision of exponentials with the finite is a mathematical certainty.
One certainty is that my dean adeptly choreographed the event, unbeknownst to me until the curtain had already fallen.
She had a round face and eyes that sparkled with the certainty that human folly ruled and wasn't that a hoot.
As students and enrollment officials alike grasp for certainty in an uncertain time, the admissions cycle keeps spinning faster.
But it can be said with some certainty that the whip, if that is the appropriate word, has not changed hands.
However there must be some middle ground between reporting diarrhoea and waiting for ultimate certainty.
Extend that forecast to the entire state, and a big one is a near certainty.
Since blood usually flows when there is life, cupping is sometimes resorted to, but again with no certainty in every case.
The only certainty in this whole process is: silence generally means a rejection.
It might have a rocky core-it's not known with certainty.
The more you learn about one set of characteristics, the less you can say about the other with any real certainty.
The rest of the stampeding world will not wait until certainty appears.
Inbred devolution is a certainty in some situations.
He will not know for a certainty until after the right leg is released from a plaster cast that now encases it.
There were more eruptions-a statistical certainty in the volcano-studded country.
It is not about proving something with absolute certainty.
My optimism is based on the certainty that this civilization will collapse.
Firing is a real possibility, but by no means a certainty.
The voice from the thicket seemed to convey almost nothing but purblind certainty and impatience.
We're basically opting for certainty and predictability, whereas others prefer exploration and change.
Human health is already being affected, in ways and degrees perhaps never to be known with certainty.
Some computer scientists find solace in the degree of certainty that comes from trading in yes-or-no operations.
Do not be taken in by his pleasant manner, by his atmosphere of certainty.
He won't be able to say a world against it, but he will pooh-pooh it to a dead certainty.
It is not different from any belief process that requires certainty.
Even clinicians are unable to determine its likelihood or timing with any certainty.
They make their claims with such certainty and conviction that there is no room left for a dissenting thought.
Most firms have to wait days or even weeks for such certainty.
But the risk, if not full certainty about its consequences, is there.
For more certainty, choose garden varieties now, while there's plenty of tree-ripened fruit to taste and compare.
Their agreement doesn't guarantee certainty, only a good bet.
To have the fate of loved ones known with certainty, to bring them home at last to the country they served, is our ultimate wish.
The certainty of wrecking the land, environmentalists argue, makes large-scale agriculture impossible in the tropics.
But in each remaining image, the serene self-certainty in his eyes remains for all to see.
Currently, scientists are not able to predict with certainty when and where avalanches will happen.
Nobody can look into a crystal ball and predict the future with certainty.
If there is one certainty about travel, it is that the unexpected will happen.
These problems don't flip me into belief, but they keep me from certainty that there is nothing.
The challenge now is to decide a course of action before there is any certainty about what is truly dangerous and what is not.
He brings a salesman's bravado and certainty to issues.
One can't help but wish for more-more valor, more moral certainty-from one's leaders.
On crossing the threshold, the writer felt an absolute certainty that this was the place for him.
He lives with an ex-con's certainty that he can't trust anyone, that only his own will can keep him alive.
It is close to a certainty that no such amendment will be adopted.
Perhaps some people need more certainty than others.
Still, it is not yet known with certainty who is behind the attacks or what may have motivated them.
State pensions are supposed to provide an income floor, keep you out of poverty, and provide some certainty.
Clarity and certainty, not to mention public esteem, still elude the discipline.
The only certainty for outside lenders and investors is that these pyramidal ownership structures are stacked against them.
Second, there is no legal certainty that trades will be honoured, particularly if the loser is a politically connected company.
Not sure how this creates value in the economy other than attempting to provide future price certainty.
Currency certainty, low inflation, increased trade and more efficient markets: all promise big benefits.
But in this case, the probability that the triggers would get pulled would approach near-certainty.
Politicians and the media invoke the certainty of social instability should the number of foreigners rise.
My strong advocacy for certain policy steps is based on a probabilistic understanding of outcomes and costs, not on certainty.
But a more flexible regulatory regime is no certainty.
The only certainty is that things are changing and only getting worse.
It was all too easy for me to feel shamed in the blast of medicine's certainty.
There is a region in the experience of pain where the certainty of alleviation often permits superhuman endurance.
As long as there was a war, it would be different, and nobody could say with certainty when this war would end.
Because absolute certainty is rarely an option, regulatory programs would not be effective if such proof were required.
To the untrained eye, this does not appear as providing the level of certainty people feel comfortable with.
But mainly my trepidation is fed by a gloomy certainty that that sore hand will lag through the opening bars.
Yet somehow we've used those laws of the probable to convince ourselves that's there's a certainty somewhere in their consistency.
As acknowledged in the article, patients want certainty.
With its tests and judgments and results it produces an illusion of certainty agreeable to our weakness of faith.
Respecting the time when he lived, it is impossible to arrive at an absolute certainty.
With regard to the origin and antiquity of the poem it is impossible to arrive at any definite conclusions with certainty.
He knew it was so, with an unaccountable but instantaneous certainty.
Interleaved and successive and a sample of smell all this makes a certainty a shade.
The latter is a war brought when there is no certainty of the time or even the likelihood of an enemy strike.
For me the enigma remains, leaving me as an irritant to those who have attained certainty.
Taking a position, which had become the essence of that discourse, demanded impenetrable certainty.
There are also limitations on the certainty of our explanations.
We too have lived through an era of stability, certainty, and the illusion of indefinite economic improvement.
Although a more modest idea, this position cannot be substantiated with any degree of certainty, either.
And we're probably years from being able to say with any certainty whether this valuation was fair.
The harsh news is that getting stuck is a certainty in the new economy.
Traditionally, it could be identified with certainty only by an autopsy.
Until recently, such treatments thrived on the power of patient lore, not scientific certainty.
And therefore, the claim that the current warming period is unprecedented can not be established with any certainty whatsoever.
The best improvement would be to ask the factual statement and allow the respondent to provide degree of certainty.
It is not questioning the particulars of the science but the level of certainty in the science.
There are so many uncontrolled variables it is difficult to make any point with mathematical certainty.
The search for certainty in empirical knowledge is a chimera.
Science presents us with a beautiful paradox: uncertainty as the optimal path toward certainty.
If anything, that's a certainty and the real question should be how far in advance.
It took about a year of practice and rewards before the pigeons could be said with certainty to have gotten the idea.
But where music was concerned, he liked getting his own way, and he knew with fearsome certainty what his own right way was.
Yet even they can not predict with certainty what the general's end will be.
Our prosecutors, our investigators, need certainty in that regard.
We can say that with a satisfying kick-drum thump of certainty.
Regulators reportedly lack clarity and certainty on what should determine this designation.
So investors are willing to pay a premium for the certainty that they provide.
But it's a reason to be cautious about our optimism or certainty that the options will work.
If those economies have significant structural issues, then short-term certainty can't fix the long-term problem.
No, to make natural gas take off, both sides will need a degree of certainty.
Either way, his ascension to mayor's office is a near certainty.
We can know a few things with a fair amount of certainty.
We don't yet know with certainty whether testosterone strongly influences business decision-making.
The inequality was as great as that between certainty and uncertainty.
It's disconcerting enough that the law fails to require the level of certainty that morality demands.
Ambushes were a virtual certainty, and that day was no exception.
Optimization, thus, primarily depends on determining the number of units sampled with certainty.
Later, the witness's certainty might be influenced by other factors.

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