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Hill's status as a labor icon and the debate about his conviction certainly never died.
If that was ever true, it is certainly not so now in our scientific era.
But some of our ancestors were almost certainly food for other primates.
It's certainly no replacement for a proper doctor, but as a technological demonstration, it's surprisingly impressive.
She might even set a course record, but one thing she will almost certainly not do is set a world record.
The student evaluations of my teaching, while not horrible, were certainly not positive.
The animal did not fly, but its back legs almost certainly gave it the ability to leap several yards.
We're certainly less able to reproduce when we're grieving.
The dressing won't stay blended as long, but it certainly simplifies the process.
By the time he is healthy, he will almost certainly be wearing a new uniform.
Value is not exclusively a function of cost and it certainly isn't a function of borrowing.
The gunners have certainly had plenty to aim at this week.
Although doing so can certainly improve your home's energy efficiency, it may not be as cost-effective as you think.
Citizen scientists have spotted two blips in the data that are almost certainly planets.
It is certainly not the finest example of the flag-maker's art.
Hand aeration is certainly good aerobic exercise, but it can be time consuming if you have a large lawn.
Running your iPod through a washing machine cycle might not be fatal, but it's certainly not a good idea.
Certainly my defense of flogging is more thought experiment than policy proposal.
The scale of the giveaway certainly sounded impressive.
It is one of the largest veterinary hospitals in the world and almost certainly the busiest.
It's not as much fun for me but it certainly buys peace of mind.
Certainly in my own field, psychology, the problem is not that scientists are too reticent about making grandiose statements.
They certainly make use of expensive words, but it certainly is not indicative of their level of intelligence or wisdom.
Keeping to themselves certainly helped maintain the secret.
Something making the rounds on the science blogs today that is certainly worth checking out for the nature geek.
But some students certainly need time and space to choose their paths, he agreed.
Your first thoughts will almost certainly be that it is much larger than you expected.
But in the story, he sites a number of things that certainly were mysteries until fairly recently.
It certainly wouldn't be out of the question to add some vodka to any one of those concoctions.
But this week was certainly one of the bigger up moments.
It's difficult to define, difficult to measure, and certainly difficult to predict where it will reside.
There may be more slack in the economy that many commentators, and certainly many bond-market investors, had thought.
It is certainly an emergency situation for our planet's beloved species.
The fact that the movie is still visually impressive certainly helps.
Full-time faculty members are certainly not paid to meet with our students.
Certainly growth has boomed and foreign investment has been flooding in.
Traveling in the cold certainly has its ups and downs.
If any controversy needs more scientific input, this one certainly does.
Undermining that kind of power can happen, but it normally takes wars, and it certainly takes generations.
Most often, but certainly not always, they are senior professors.
There are certainly votes to be scooped up that way.
Certainly there is a lot of work left for taxonomists.
Her brain is certainly doing better burning on ketones instead of glucose.
The pesticide, which killed insects that spread typhus and malaria, was almost certainly instrumental in saving millions of lives.
We certainly don't do all of that icing and whatnot to it.
Violent riots and trouble-making would certainly appear to qualify.
But they certainly share solar's lack of fugitive emissions.
For a modest piece of parlor furniture, the object at hand certainly got around.
Strychnine, slow agonizing deaths from traps, human beings certainly are a credit to the planet.
Certainly, the faculty wide contract isn't the only answer, but it certainly helps.
But in any case if its efficacy has been proved then certainly it is commendable.
First thing first-living dinosaurs certainly do exist.
There is certainly the possibility of choosing yes or now there are consequences to your choice.
Certainly there is no conceivable set of scientific observations that could substantiate it.
Big theropods were certainly around in the right area at the right time, but they are almost entirely a mystery.
Whether or not lawyers can negotiate finder's fees, they can certainly handle personal injury claims.
Certainly it should be moved, but they shouldn't destroy it.
If he tells a tidbit to everyone, it will certainly be reported, but he will not have learned anything.
The collapse of the volcano would certainly affect human habitation in the area, depending on the kind of eruption and seismicity.
Engines have gotten bigger and more powerful over time-and that's certainly what automakers have used as a key selling point.
Certainly the anticipated prize was worth the attention.
It's certainly true that every time we've opened a new window on the universe, we've been surprised.
Many valid points have been made and knowledge is certainly incomplete.
Were my own parents to be killed in such flooding, that would certainly not alter the inescapable logic of the situation.
The nation certainly sounds as if it's in an angry place on immigration.
As for the things that can come between people, technology is certainly one of them.
As a group, dinosaurs were certainly well-ornamented animals.
Certainly this reader could use his own network of mathematics professors and ask them for suggestions of other names.
The respect for the natural world is certainly one of them.
Certainly some ways of killing are less cruel than others.
It certainly is a skier's mountain with plenty of adventurous runs for both beginner and expert.
But it's not healthy, and it certainly isn't pretty.
The theory behind the exhibition certainly makes sense.
Letting people play a mini-version of the game with their keyboards is certainly a clever marketing idea.
Other surprises certainly lurk within the still unfolding saga of the dinosaurs.
Looking at the biogs of previous fellows this certainly seems to be the case.
Those frictions will almost certainly intensify over the coming year.
Any of these notable achievements were certainly worthy but didn't make the final cut.
It is certainly not behavior worthy of the sanctions you are suggesting in your first post above.
It can be a long journey until you find your answers, but it is certainly worth it.
And even if it doesn't collapse, it will certainly slow you down.
They have certainly exposed the usefulness of having strong leaders.
Certainly its form will not be recognizable to any returning spacetime travelers.
My brain certainly does not feel feebler these days.
That's certainly how things have worked out to date, but there was nothing inevitable about it.
The anger generated by those comments almost certainly contributed to his resignation.
Indeed managing moorland for grouse shooting has almost certainly saved the species itself from extinction.
Certainly a rapidly growing younger spider requires a diet that differs from an elder.
Now, the plane certainly appears to be fast, and maneuverable.
These things are almost certainly much less important that you think they are.
My children are a function of probability, certainly not preordained.
But certainly this is not likely to train students to think for themselves.
As the abundance of emoticon-and-exclamation-point-riddled pages attests, online teens certainly can't be accused of apathy.
It is certainly not a neighborhood known for its urban homesteading.
Certainly, proper historic interpretation requires a multi-disciplinary approach.
Still, the haul was good and additional specimens could certainly be obtained.
Those who never heard of them certainly know who they are now and where they do business.
Butchering certainly would have attracted a lot of predators.
It's funny, but if you think about it, our lives are certainly dominated by tube.
Certainly, many spotted owls are thriving in second growth forests.
Certainly there has been spending that hasn't had its intended impact, and we've learned a lot from those experiences.
She certainly could not be a day less than seventy now.
The lax falciform ligament certainly gives no support though it probably limits lateral displacement.
He mentions that some are not, and he said that those of them that are, are certainly not melting because of climate change.
Nonsense is not supposed to get through this process-certainly not five times.
By encouraging trade and investment, enlargement will certainly contribute to prosperity.
Buy-out firms have struck lots of dodgy deals, certainly, but they are still rich and ambitious.
They certainly do not carry credit cards or count as part of a global consumer society.
Seeds deposited in the bank will be preserved by the cold, certainly for hundreds and perhaps even thousands of years.
The economy is certainly weak enough to warrant a call for lots more stimulus.
And they should certainly not be taken as evidence that it has started to die.
Their clever designs and lightweight composites certainly make a difference.
But the opposition certainly has reason to be suspicious.
These may well be less harmful than coffee-and will almost certainly be more useful.
The idea that shopping is the new politics is certainly seductive.
Some important reforms have certainly been made, in the teeth of protests and demonstrations.
The result is certainly catastrophic for his unionist opponents.
Other indicators certainly suggest that consumers are having a ball.
Such a major engineering project will certainly cause a lot of disruption and fuss.
Liked by some and reviled by many, they certainly did what ads are supposed to do: get people talking about you.
The way in which music production has changed has certainly changed expectations for what music can do.
But that's not bad news for music, and it's certainly not bad news for musicians.
And you certainly don't have a proclivity for overly expressing yourselves.
It will certainly be used to improve understanding of currently known phenomenon.
The observed effect is certainly based on the osmotic effect, although indeed a few components of honey may contribute a bit.
Certainly it would eliminate some animosity between the countries- however slight.
Mind you, the correlation is certainly noteworthy, and not limited to your own family and experience.
It's almost certainly doctored in some way, but there are some subtleties here.
Although sight is not technically part of taste, it certainly influences perception.
It's much more technologically demanding and certainly much more technologically sophisticated.
We certainly have more reports over time, and that's something a number of people are looking into.
And certainly there will emerge a unity in diversity and then the real winner will emerge.
There are certainly ways to criticize and shape children's behavior that is not that harsh or punitive.
Though this anecdotal bit is not necessarily empirical evidence, it is certainly relevant to the article, methinks.
Currently diabetics rely on insulin therapy, which is far from being an ideal treatment and is certainly not a cure.
Many of you certainly use some nifty tools on your computer desktops.
Certainly such conversations about the future of the dissertation should continue.
We cannot know how well they will do but the evidence is certainly on their side.
Certainly there should be no expectation of a reply.
Your academic library is almost certainly the best source for online versions of journals.
If the ad calls for a sociology instructor, the committee is almost certainly looking for someone with a degree in sociology.
Certainly not harried interview-committee members, who barely remember who you are.
Certainly, the decision provided legal heft and the protection of the highest court against challenges to forced sterilization.
And it's a lot easier to open up emotionally, when you've set some boundaries physically, or certainly when you slow the pace.
Certainly if there are any, they're not white people.
Seeing the future purely in terms of group characteristics and historical experience can certainly immobilize policy.
Certainly, though, the net could have been cast wider.
Large-scale flushing at both those sites is certainly a highly variable process, and perhaps a somewhat fragile one as well.
Certainly progress in photography is not going to stop.
She's infatuated by a guy who may or may not be dead, and who certainly isn't a good boyfriend either way.
Well, this is certainly not the first time that local authorities have been overzealous about growth in their own provinces.
And while their arrogance and greed were certainly a necessary precondition of the crisis, they were not in any way sufficient.
It also certainly has the effect of bringing indifferent citizens to the polls on election day.
Grilling fruits is certainly not a new idea, but it takes a little imagination to bring out the best that they have to offer.
Certainly the manufactured lines of demarcation were, and continue to be, a boon for the separatists.
So that form of globalization will certainly accelerate.
But it is almost certainly a temporary artifact of the recession.
Americans certainly have lots of debt, but the evidence that it's killing the recovery is surprisingly sketchy.
It was certainly an honor, if a nerve-wracking one, for the five chosen students.
While pirates were certainly cruel and violent criminals, pirate ships were hardly the floating tyrannies of popular imagination.
He has not always done that in the past two years, but he certainly did last night.
She was terrified, but managed to appear calm for what was certainly her first physical contact with any snake.
The local police chief told reporters that if he had not believed before in miracles he certainly did now.
And there certainly are situations where moral hazard does seem to have an effect on people's choices.
Certainly she is old-fashioned in that she reserves her magnanimity for special occasions.
In the coming decades, ever-improving technologies will almost certainly make new sources of hydrocarbons accessible.
The payments vary, and certainly college students and poorer citizens would find the sums attractive.
There's certainly evidence that bacteria, plants and even kidney cells communicate in this way.
Being able to recreate these exotic events in the lab is certainly interesting but it is beginning to lose its novelty.
Looking to the future, the use of satellite remote sensing of greenhouse gases is going to certainly grow.
And certainly more likely than another idea put forward last year.
Now, if this would not be practical in sort term urban driving it could certainly be advantageous on longer runs.
Certainly, such a feature will be handy for anyone trying to coordinate a project from different locations.
Of course, the same was once said for sound, and digital has certainly taken over there.
They would certainly know how and where it was injected and likely source.
Certainly the online marketplace makes homeowner procurement a feasible option.
Certainly, it takes more than software to ensure the speed boost is felt by customers.
And it certainly seems to work on a huge variety of objects.
If you watch him up close, this certainly seems true.
While the odds may not be in favor of these actors in the arena, they certainly were in the casting room.
They certainly had wild car chases and brutal violence.
The anger was certainly there but there was scant information behind it.
By the way, he certainly did know what he was doing.
We knew that there were two other films that year that had cost more than us, but it was certainly expensive.
Certainly there are challenges ahead, but there's also profound potential for greatness.
Some were activated too late, after they had almost certainly been damaged by fire or explosions.
But the result that many outsiders had hoped for-a victory by the original protesters-is almost certainly foreclosed.
My own state of health is certainly precarious enough.
Certainly, military power has an appropriate place in foreign policy.
The result is meant to overwhelm, and it certainly does.
But she does not give him a course to follow, and she certainly does not spare him the anguish he has been going through.
It's certainly a funny business, this failure to find him.
The donkey certainly predated the camel and arrived around the same time or earlier than the horse.
So finding multiple planets around one means, once again, planets are almost certainly common in the galaxy.
Building a new energy future will not be easy but the ends will certainly justify the means.
It's certainly fun and useful to imagine possible scenarios and such.
It's a tall order, maybe, but there's certainly a way for some of then to become prominent public communicators.
All these theories are tentative at best, and some will almost certainly turn out to be wrong.
It's treacherous, of course, because there is certainly no right way to go about being a good graduate student.
We've certainly helped by providing surveillance and reconnaissance.
Those factors can certainly affect the cognitive development of the children directly involved.
Walking upright is certainly unusual, but it doesn't sever us from the animal kingdom.
They are machines, certainly, but calling these devices robots-as many in both the military and the public do-is a leap.
Such a universe could not produce galaxies and stars, and it certainly could not support life.
One medical crisis is certainly enough to turn your world upside down.
Certainly no one is going to get a loan to open a zinc mine.
Eating this local delicacy certainly promises a transcendental experience.
Sitting in traffic can certainly be infuriating enough to raise your blood pressure.
Had the word processor been invented in his lifetime, he would almost certainly have found it abhorrent.
If your courts want to become a unified trial court, then certainly concurrent jurisdiction is the means to do that.
Certainly one way to answer that is by confronting the organizers, the suppliers.
Here are a few things you certainly don't want to have happen.
Their significant age difference certainly didn't put a damper on the couple's social life.

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