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And yet there is a certain amount of credit-claiming going on that does muddy the waters.
When reality is changing faster than theory suggests it should, a certain amount of nervousness is a reasonable response.
Military discounts are not valid on all sailings and may be limited to a certain number of cabins.
There's a certain amount of crumbing that occurs anyway.
Some recipes call for a mixture to be reduced by a certain amount.
Because you need the precursors, a certain amount of intelligence to do language.
The theory is unorthodox, but it does make a certain amount of sense.
But it has also offered volunteers a certain amount of control over their destiny, because they could always resign if they chose.
One might expect a certain amount of scholarly rejoicing.
It is quite valid, interesting and shows realistic chances of getting certain disease for my genotype.
In a conventional semiconductor material, it takes a certain amount of energy to free an electron and generate electricity.
It gave me a kind of private strength that allowed me to withstand certain indignities, confident that everything was temporary.
In certain words, the throwing back of the stress has taken place quite recently.
It is by no means certain that in his displays of learning he is not mocking or parodying others as well as relieving himself.
At last they made a great fire without the city, and threatened to cast her into it, if she did not utter certain impious words.
To guard against these dangers he proposed certain modifications of the representative system.
New study results bolster the controversial hypothesis that certain cases of obesity are contagious.
First, certain brain structures-the hippocampus and the amygdala, the brain's emotion center-specialize in remembering.
In his time certain species of moths were light in color.
Now a new study has confirmed a strong correlation between certain types of migraines and the onset of menstruation.
But for neuroscience, emotions are more or less the complex reactions the body has to certain stimuli.
It's one thing to test for a certain gene and find suitable preventive treatment for a linked disease or disorder.
Once scorned as nervous tics, certain tiny, unconscious flicks of the eyes now turn out to underpin much of our ability to see.
They did this by training mice to fear a certain environment by sending mild shocks to their feet in a closed box.
Activating certain neurons may alleviate depression.
Because storing the urchins is costly and labor intensive, they must be released into the ocean once they reach a certain size.
These metals switch from a temporary to a parent shape above a certain transition temperature.
In certain species, the majority tend to swim left when a predator attacks, whereas other species head right.
Not surprisingly that this creates certain frictions between the communities.
But they don't have the right not to observe a certain number of norms regarding health, the environment, and currency.
Sampaguita's comment has some truth to a certain degree.
The government's present efforts show that this is possible but not necessarily certain.
On particularly grotty days, all traffic could be barred from certain parts of the city centre.
Making an invisibility cloak would be tricky because the device would work only at certain wavelengths.
Some business skills are concentrated in certain places, certain groups of people, and certain cultures.
He believed, in a way that few photographers now do, that certain scenes were properly photogenic.
Certain industries see demand for their products go up when severe weather hits.
Under certain conditions, he suggests, it can split into smaller fragments.
Certain words can shake the blogosphere in much the same way earthquakes stir the planet.
Sending updates to certain groups of people and not to others is the main appeal of the service.
Unlimited mileage is an option offered by certain rental car companies, but it can come with hidden fees.
Print edition carrier delivery not available in certain areas.
Salt water can indeed burn when exposed to a certain kind of radio wave, a university chemist has confirmed.
Commercial uses include purifying water, sterilizing air, and bleaching certain foods.
Tell students that they will be exploring why certain foods grow only in certain regions.
Southwestern cultures may have been violent, but only at certain times and for certain reasons, she argues.
The terror begins with a gentle swell and a certain feeling in the air.
Animals within each of these categories share certain characteristics.
The new squid could be an adult member of the species but researchers can't say for certain until they have caught a specimen.
While others, such as drums and bullroarers have specific ritual purposes among certain groups.
In food-minded cities, certain areas become known for certain tastes.
As a result he's in constant danger of collapsing if his blood sugar levels fall beyond a certain point.
Certain polypores may be useful in treating immune diseases or in helping cancer patients recover.
Some places or regions are imbued with great significance by certain groups of people, but not by others.
All that is certain is that dinosaur skeletons demonstrate the viability, for a time, of certain dimensions and conformations.
Doctors would tell athletes they shouldn't eat pork that had been raised on certain berries.
Congregating during certain times of year, in swarms so dense and widespread, they can be seen from space.
Whale sharks are known to gather in certain tropical locations at predictable times of the year.
New research shows that eating more of certain foods can stave off hunger pangs and control calories.
My initial reaction was disappointment that such views would be shared about the failings of certain students.
To a certain extent, some of these behaviors are not uncommon among law-enforcement officers themselves.
If you leave mid-semester, you can be certain no one will hire you in the future for another adjunct position.
Finally, he becomes certain he's finished-that he has made a painting that rivals nature's roundness.
Publication in peer-reviewed journals is required, as well as authorship of books for certain types of promotion.
Gravity works, persistently and even remorselessly, in a certain direction.
It sounds simplistic, but you have to be absolutely certain you want to teach in the first place.
One thing for certain is that online education is here to stay.
My first thought was that the writer has low morals and appears to have a certain emotional instability.
But at certain levels of performance, barring some sort of extraordinary explanation, they rule out certain possibilities.
Work is directed, to a certain extent, by stakeholders that use the research for improving their bottom line.
The students will be evaluating you on certain criteria, but you don't know what those are.
Sometimes, usually within the past hundred or so generations, variations of certain genes appear.
We are told that perhaps they will begin to offer cures for certain diseases.
Instead, it is a measurement used by brewers to track the density of certain ingredients.
Almost anyone can bang out an atrocious book, but to achieve fame and adulation for it takes a certain kind of genius.
Some even look at old restaurant menus to learn when certain seafood became more costly, usually due to scarcity.
But there's a certain magic in all of that lint and dandruff and morning breath.
Certain gene variants became prevalent that caused lactase production to continue into adulthood.
In a church organ, this rather simple mechanism can produce only a certain number of sounds.
One common misconception is that belly dance is inappropriate for certain audiences.
When the ball moves around the lamp, only certain areas are lit up.
Certain experiences can change your life: traveling to an exotic country, visiting an active volcano, floating through space.
One way to be certain that beneficial insects inhabit your garden is to introduce them yourself.
Hardpan may be present throughout an entire garden or only in certain parts of it.
What's more, unless you grow certain kinds yourself, you might not get a chance to eat them.
Natural enemies reduce the loopers population but may not provide adequate control at certain times of the year.
Rather than being attracted to certain colors, you're inspired by specific objects.
Each strain of ale yeast has it's own nuance to achieve a certain flavor and aroma.
The installation might stay in place through the following weekend, too, but that's not certain as of this posting.
And it continues with all the outrageous things the poet is waiting to do when she gets a certain age.
Even bundles of hollow bull-rush reeds are wide enough for certain species.
If you can't find a certain rose at your local nursery, check the mail-order sources below.
In certain seasons the smelt come in to spawn after high tide at particular times of the month.
There's a certain sameness to chefs' live cooking demos.
We spread them out on the cutting board in a certain way.
When homemade in the past, it was never certain that the culture preserved and regenerated the original species.
But in terms of travel and certain eating habits, they actually got a lot right.
Certain desserts were served on large pieces of sculptured ice called socles, some big enough to require two waiters to carry.
Because it does encourage and embrace the underdog, as opposed to being cut down if you don't look a certain way.
From our resident labor humorists, an elf's tale of a certain jolly-and highly oppressive, morbidly rotund one percent.
So certain stars in certain movies will be able to negotiate those kinds of deals.
Maybe some actors make sense once they reach a certain age.
He was using certain themes and using words in a certain way.
We had to sit in a torture chair, metal chairs, in a certain position.
Other trial highlights were few and far between, and even certain jury members struggled to pay attention.
Certain seasons are inextricably linked to certain sounds.
Certain scalp infections can also result in hair loss.
No one is quite certain what to do with them when they get here.
It's official: the only thing certain in this world is taxes.
Now new research explains how an overall change in water conditions can affect only certain parts of corals.
One method treats cars on a highway as molecules in a gas, but molecules that want to move in one direction at a certain velocity.
Tests exist that target the polymorphism, which crops up more frequently in certain populations.
What's not certain is where that supercontinent will be.
The imagery you employ guides you to ask certain questions and to not ask certain others.
These photos, called smoking cues, are meant to provoke a response in certain parts of the brain.
It can actually be destroyed in certain ways, or ignorance can actually be created.
There are certain areas of math involving spatial skills that males definitely perform better at.
At a certain point, one could imagine that the machines would be fighting other machines.
Genes may come into play only in conjunction with certain environmental kicks.
Another major collision is certain to happen eventually, he adds.
But first must come the recognition of a certain admirable mastery and the perception of some benefit in recognizing it.
Allowing the violence to go on could have worse consequences than an intervention, though only one that meets certain conditions.
When you see him speaking, he carries himself a certain way.
We may also use the information for editorial purposes and for other purposes such as measuring certain traffic patterns.
But there are certain blue-gray, incremental areas of experience which can't be conveyed at lyrical pitch.
But it is highly probable-indeed, nearly certain-that they will emerge, and fairly soon.
Consider the word amines, meaning certain chemical compounds.
When all this is done and the officer at the port of arrival is notified of his certain departure, his bond is surrendered.
Not to that extent, but there are certainly people who are vulnerable to political violence because they support a certain side.
He had been asked many times to speak to a certain audience, but had always begged off on the basis that he had nothing to say.
Under certain market conditions, cartels arise naturally without collusion.
The technology might be used to treat people suffering from drug intoxication, bloodstream infections, and certain cancers.
Certain types of gene circuits can store information over many cell generations, according to a theoretical study.
They are tinkering with the texture of the metals and coatings to see what works best in certain harsh environments.
But certain niche uses could help the technology get established.
Blind mice developed rudimentary vision when researchers activated certain retinal cells using a gene commonly found in algae.
With certain diseases, patients are likely to have mutated versions of the same gene but unlikely to have the same mutation.
Certain subscribers might offer service to other subscribers.
And it isn't cost-effective for newspapers to offer ad design services for accounts below a certain size.
Conventional solar cells can only efficiently convert the energy of certain wavelengths of light into electricity.
The essential idea here is that the space can be designed to allow only certain wavelengths to operate.
Testing for a genetic variation could predict the likelihood that a patient will respond well to certain statins.
Most software programs are made up of instructions that tell a computer to take a series of actions in a certain order.
Another problem is that it only works well for light coming in at certain angles.
In certain materials, that bouncing is enough to amplify normal light into laser light, but not in silicon.
Our sense of self is a product of a certain sort of consciousness, not conversely.
Yet the effects of certain wishes in the distant past did linger.
They seem, however, to stop dead at a certain level of his personality as if there was a core that could not be penetrated.
Certain frames for her destructiveness have been suggested by critics.
Whether you will agree privately that your work fails to fill the prescription in certain important respects is something again.
So stations need a way to filter the possible hits from the certain bombs.
She liked the work-it occupied her thoughts to a certain extent and tired her out so that she could sleep at night.
It was as if a stranger's head had been attached to the brawny body, as in certain counterfeit photographs.
It also had its faults: a certain heavy-handedness, and a tendency for the characters to make speeches rather than utter dialogue.
There are a surprising number of echoes-in casting, in plot lines, in certain shots-of past work by the same people.
Pulling off onto the soft shoulder, he felt a certain resistance from the undercarriage.
There was an arbitrary, haphazard quality to the books in our house, as there was to certain other aspects of our material lives.
Age has weathered him, but a certain allure evinces itself.
The only thing about it that seems certain to intensify is human suffering.

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