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The exhibit features everything from traditional regalia to ceremonial drums to headdresses to contemporary artwork.
Bigamists respect marriage, or they would not go through the highly ceremonial and even ritualistic formality of bigamy.
He devoted much time and attention to the ceremonial details of his princely office.
From that time the owner must be careful to avoid ceremonial impurity.
In addition to the demands of the day, presidents must take time for ceremonial duties.
The site grew over the centuries, transforming into an important ceremonial complex that flourished until the eighth century.
Many of the stepped pyramids were spiritual and ceremonial temples that also served as high vantage points.
The equestrian units are now mostly for ceremonial events.
All were led to the ceremonial courtyard of the palace and systematically executed.
One measure of a kingdom's wealth was its large temples, ceremonial plazas, and palaces.
The closing track is a short instrumental number featuring the famous ceremonial horns and cymbals.
First come the high clear notes of the ceremonial trumpet.
Inside the clearing stood ceremonial platforms that looked down upon ancient ball courts.
It performs at ceremonial send-offs for local army recruits.
There was surging impatience during a ceremonial opening that did not allow for any speeches from the floor.
Such evenings were brought to a fitting climax, as it were, when they would communally ejaculate into a ceremonial pewter platter.
The job is that of a well-paid but largely ceremonial head of state, who is not allowed to represent any particular party.
Mayans grew cacao trees in their backyards and used the seeds to brew ceremonial drinks.
They bowed, drank a sip of ceremonial wine, and each received a dark-green sash to signify their new status.
Big bands, a ceremonial guard, thousands of people making thumbs-up signs along fence.
Having bonded with his twin teleprompters, the president would be detailed for ceremonial speech-making.
It is a ceremonial gift at weddings and on congratulatory occasions.
From the center of the roof, which was partly open to the sky, hung a ceremonial blue scarf.
Energy waves, incident radiation code words and ceremonial phrases.
Groups of dancers go through ceremonial stomps and grinds.
We watched his televised ceremonial removal in disbelief.
Immaculate in his pressed ceremonial dress, he looked every inch a second lieutenant.
Most of the time was spent in ceremonial sightseeing.
Then, at a great ceremonial feast he announced his decision.
But convicted traitors do not often get ceremonial tributes.
It is not true that the presidency is an essentially ceremonial office.
Up to then, the leader's authority had actually been fairly meager and ceremonial against the powers of the committee chairmen.
The book is mainly ceremonial, a padded social calendar.
Because of the subject it is ceremonial in feeling, and it reveals a totally new aspect of history painting.
They set the scenes against which the ceremonial life of the good and the great was staged.
Some couples are getting married within ceremonial labyrinths.

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