cerebral palsy in a sentence

Example sentences for cerebral palsy

Without myelin, brain cells die, leaving children vulnerable to neurological deficits such as cerebral palsy.
It can also have applications in human health and medicine, particularly in the area of prosthetics and cerebral palsy.
One was in a wheelchair and the other had cerebral palsy.
He is blind and developmentally disabled, and he has cerebral palsy.
My best friend has cerebral palsy, and she has the balance down to a science.
Nature lumbered him with a withered arm, a suppurating ear and possibly slight cerebral palsy.
Zach, who has cerebral palsy and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around, is gunning for his own show.
Look up his record suing and blaming ob/gyn doctors for cerebral palsy.
He also started giving huge sums to charity and raised money to combat cerebral palsy.
My feelings have nothing to do with cerebral palsy, mild or otherwise.
While data on multiple birth babies with cerebral palsy is not yet available, the anecdotal evidence is cause for concern.
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