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The cerebral hemispheres and other parts of the brain involved with vision and movement were relatively large.
Cerebral hypoxia occurs when there is not enough oxygen getting to the brain.
Shrapnel is excised, cerebral tissue swells, and the scalp is pulled taut and sewn back over a ballooning brain.
Moreover, functional brain imaging now reveals how they achieve their extraordinary cerebral feats.
Without myelin, brain cells die, leaving children vulnerable to neurological deficits such as cerebral palsy.
Let's say that a particular cerebral nucleus was found, existing only in conscious creatures.
The plexus on the vertebral artery is continued on to the basilar, posterior cerebral, and cerebellar arteries.
The distinctive, deeply wrinkled outer surface is the cerebral cortex, which consists of gray matter.
These cerebral primates forage for food during daylight hours.
It can also have applications in human health and medicine, particularly in the area of prosthetics and cerebral palsy.
The grooves and folds in the cerebral cortex are called convolutions.
She turned back from a second attempt several days later with cerebral edema.
Damage to the temporal region of the cerebral cortex often leads to impairment in memory and use of language.
Here's a modest sampling of the lavish cerebral feast you'll find between the book's covers.
Patients with a lower degree of blockage in a cerebral artery are thought to be even less likely of benefiting from a stent.
But if incessantly consumed, it keeps up constant, but mild cerebral exhilaration.
Doctors put her into a medically-induced coma to reduce cerebral damage, to no avail.
In his current phase he is cautious and cerebral, a splendid teacher.
The cerebral cortex is a wondrously well-buffered mechanism that can withstand a good bit of well-intentioned bungling.
The seductive cerebral-ironic style, which allows so much, doesn't seem to permit the shift to a full frontal seriousness.
Combat has become a procedure, deliberate and calculated, more cerebral than visceral-even if it does still have its moments.
His hands stay busy and he projects a cerebral intensity.
The claim is perhaps cagily ingenuous, by a writer often accused of being too cerebral and cool-hearted.
My feelings have nothing to do with cerebral palsy, mild or otherwise.
Appreciation of the spin bowler's art separates the cerebral fan from the bloodthirsty.
In other words, there's a discrepancy between the campaign's rhetoric and the president's comparatively aloof, cerebral style.
They also favour more cerebral players, who can adapt their game plans to counter troublesome opponents.
But those with more cerebral interests would surely sign up for a genius tour.
Those problems have mostly been replaced by more cerebral complaints.
Too much against humanity will cause cerebral hemorrhage.
There are people with a huge amount of cerebral disease who are still responsive to music.
In some people, the parasite goes so high you get cerebral malaria and die.
The inner braincase bones showed a snug cerebral fit.
He also started giving huge sums to charity and raised money to combat cerebral palsy.
The division of labor by the two cerebral hemispheres-once thought to be uniquely human-predates us by half a billion years.
He is blind and developmentally disabled, and he has cerebral palsy.
It is often prescribed to relax cerebral blood vessels after a stroke.
If you're looking for a little cerebral stimulation, consider taking in a lecture.
It constricts cerebral blood vessels, and when they reopen, you get a throbbing headache.
At first, learning to send cursor-moving, cerebral signals to two hands instead of one was a little taxing.
Tweaking those genes in mice suggested possible roles for the loss: eliminating penile spines and boosting cerebral cortex growth.

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