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To the nation's biggest cereal makers, shredded wheat is worth fighting for.
And many have given generational labels no more consideration than the ingredients of their breakfast cereal.
Cyclical influences include re-stocking: cereal stocks were run down as prices spiked and need to be replenished.
High-fiber breakfast cereal is a good way to get both types of fiber content.
Pouring a bowl of cereal is a morning ritual for many people.
The secret, an unlikely ingredient, is cooked breakfast cereal.
The corn flake makes its debut, not as a commercial breakfast cereal but as a dietary supplement.
The cereal company said it cut too many workers, and suffered manufacturing problems as a result.
It was crushing, since it was always advertised on tv, to not be able to taste this supposedly wonderful cereal.
Copycat cereal manufacturers popped up overnight, and the town became the birthplace of the cereal industry.
The project is also investigating why rice, the only cereal that is not damaged by the rust, is immune.
And it sure makes harvesting a handful for your cereal every morning, as her husband does, convenient.
Keeping milk fresh was the roadway to selling more cereal.
Lower down, the more fertile hills are terraced and planted with cereal crops.
It is the tiger of trademarks-on cereal boxes, on gasoline pumps-and of school and professional sports teams.
The researchers placed the same nine ads for products such as soft drinks, laundry detergent and cereal in all of the shows.
But picking an e-book reader is more difficult than choosing a brand of cereal or a bottle of shampoo.
The prospect of bumper cereal crops has boosted confidence about short-term supply.
Rising cereal costs, experts say, are pumping up the cost of the wheat flour used to make pizza dough.
So are junk mailings, paper bags, cereal boxes and wrapping paper.
Generally, all the milk used was used in cooking and only a little for cereal.
Built on the spot from cereal boxes, tubes or anything else that's lying around.
In hotels that do offer breakfast it is not uncommon to see only breakfast sandwiches and boxed cereal.
He served these flakes to patients as a ready-to-eat breakfast cereal.
Beef only requires all that cereal because it's being improperly fed.
It would make a great opera, or breakfast cereal commercial.
Even cut-out sections of cereal boxes look great in scrapbooks.
Suppose you want to buy some huge boxes of cereal that they have at these discount stores.
We ate cereal with powdered milk and it tasted good to me.
Or that she wanted more cereal by touching her fingertips together.
But lawyers will dine for months, if not years, on the cereal giant's woes.
For instance, milk on cereal might be replaced with white glue.
Other ibis mummy snacks identified in the new study include cereal grains and small vertebrates such as fish.
Yet another walks in late, looking scruffy and eating a chocolate cereal bar.
No more sets made out of cereal boxes and aluminum foil, no more waffling monologues and congealed fancies.
Further, a release of the photos probably does not prefigure their display on cereal boxes.
Books and cereal boxes had tumbled to the floor, but there was no other damage.
Domesticated pigs get their daily dose from corn or cereal grains, but not without a struggle.
Usually, he eats a bowl of cereal with fresh fruit instead.
Rye and oats and barley were the main cereal crops, being more resistant to wet and cold.
The pan traps are disposable plastic cereal bowls filled with soapy water.
It is basically the same electronics as the cereal box guitar amp.
Parents think a cereal with sugar automatically can't be any good.
Wake up to a daily continental breakfast featuring coffee, cereal and pastries.
Even a bowl of cereal can make for a light and lazy dinner.
Several brands of both hot and cold cereal contain elemental iron as a food additive.
Intercropping red clover with winter cereal grains could provide a forage and nitrogen source for corn.

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