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Nevertheless, a change in the temper of the people begins to be noticeable during the last twenty years of the sixteenth century.
The complexity of markets today is magnitudes higher than a century ago.
In the seventeenth century the conditions of colonial life were not propitious to any sort of writing, humorous or other.
The thirteenth century is, emphatically, the golden age of the monastic historians.
In many of our older cities, some of the cast-iron pipes that bring water to homes and businesses are a century old.
It will dominate the world of small-press-run publication for a century.
Vegetables have only been grafted for about a century, but for different reasons.
Readily available global supplies may start running out by the end of this century.
Greenhouse gases have taken much of the blame for rising global surface temperatures over the past century.
All of this infrastructure could be out of commission in a century.
Over the following century and a half, computational methods came to dominate astronomy and engineering.
T he automobile is the defining technological artifact of the twentieth century.
There's no shortage estimates that we'll run out of everything from iron to platinum within the next century or so.
After a century's dominance, the fossil-fuel-powered internal combustion engine is facing serious challengers.
Electric buses, developed earlier in the century, only caught on when streetcars made way for them.
At this rate, they'll be twice preindustrial levels by the end of the century.
For more than a century, psychologists have used reaction time as a window into the brain.
The ability of some bacteria to metabolize oil has been well known for more than a century.
The basic fuel-reprocessing concepts at its heart have been kicking around for the better part of a half-century.
But as the sun sets on the first decade of the twenty-first century, that story has already become ancient history.
In the fourteenth century, a time of xenophobia, they were interested and curious.
Some nineteenth-century vintages still taste delicious, provided they have been properly stored.
O century in recorded history has experienced so many social transformations and such radical ones as the twentieth century.
The biological causes of autism have been a source of inquiry and debate for half a century.
By the seventeenth century, though, the tide had begun to turn.
It's not easy to survive century after century, through droughts and storms and oscillations of the climate.
Vacuum popping builds on a century and a half of research into why popcorn pops.
Until mid-nineteenth century the existence of these six moons was accepted by almost everybody.
But to be a literary painter at the end of the nineteenth century was to be on the wrong side of history.
The word also spread by written letters, for the eighteenth century was a great era of epistolary exchange.

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