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Example sentences for centrifuge

One concerned minute traces of weapons grade material found in a centrifuge.
But a small centrifuge plant would be difficult to detect.
From there they strapped me into a centrifuge and spun me around.
The tornado centrifuge works on the same principle as the vortex vacuum cleaners.
So the preserve the whole grain by dehulling it in a custom-built centrifuge.
Prizes include a space flight simulator centrifuge experience.
There will also be more emphasis on space medicine, and the station is to get a centrifuge.
The blood sample is sent to a laboratory, where it is placed in a machine called a centrifuge.
Its centrifuge machines could produce enough bomb-usable uranium for about a weapon a year.
She pours the contents of a capsule into a centrifuge tube, adds isopropyl alcohol and shakes it.
The remains of these corpuscles are removed using a centrifuge.
They do not use a centrifuge or chemicals for oil extraction either.
They add sugar and extract the whey using a centrifuge.
Half the frog eggs laid on the shuttle developed in microgravity, and half in a centrifuge that simulated normal gravity.
In typical blood tests, this separation step requires a centrifuge.
It heats quickly as the fire in the chamber is circulated rapidly as in a centrifuge.
Next, the pressure and temperature drop, and the soup swirls through a centrifuge that separates any remaining water from the oil.
Nevertheless, denser particles will settle to the outer end of a centrifuge tube when it is spun.
The latter may be possible on a shorter time frame through a centrifuge habitat module.
The gas centrifuge uranium enrichment process uses a large number of rotating cylinders in series and parallel formations.
Throughout the global nuclear industry, uranium is enriched by one of two methods: gaseous diffusion or gas centrifuge.
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