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The docks are now an attractive spread of museums, hotels and restaurants, with a concert arena and a convention centre.
It is indeed different now and has lost its silent splendor, becoming an entertainment centre.
It also has the world's biggest ballroom and a perfectly humungous shopping centre.
Bright blue pockets of star formation can be seen to the right and left of centre.
It is also a centre for innovation in robotics, electronics and nanotechnology.
Or it might pay for children with a rare condition to travel to a trial centre.
Indeed the evidence is here that a functional cognitive centre is something of an unexpected blessing.
Besides keeping an eye on what is going on, this centre will provide support, information and entertainment to drivers.
For more information about our print and digital subscription packages, please visit our subscription centre.
Check with the local visitors centre to find out where you can and cannot freedom camp.
The ethics of hospitality centre in the dining room.
In boiling large potatoes, it often happens that outside is soft, while centre is underdone.
Place in oven on centre grate, and bake until crumbs are brown.
Arrange peas and carrots in alternate piles in centre of a salad dish.
Place in the centre of each a stuffed olive, made by removing stone and filling cavity with sardine mixture.
Split, and remove a small portion of cake from the centre of each piece.
The land there is elevated, with many mountains and peaks incomparably higher than in the centre isle.
The election is expected to return the centre-right government voted in four years ago.
So he moved to the centre and this time presented himself as a moderate and it did get him elected.
The break, occurring on one side, turned the rigging and threw me sideways and right toward the centre pole.
The centre of the balloon itself is not on the surface, and should not be thought of as the centre of the universe.
Imagine seven towers arranged in a hexagonal pattern,with the seventh at the centre.
Moisture readings are sent in real time to a processing centre via a satellite link.
Discussions at bars centre around local politics, though there may be a few off-hand remarks about the war.
Anyone wondering where such a form of matter might exist would naturally think if the centre of neutron stars.
In their model, the radius is the distance from the centre of the animal to its skin.
We all are stuck, left, right and centre and they talk in millions and billions when it comes to paying bonuses to bank managers.
As before, location matters: monkeys were almost twice as likely to flee at the edge of their territory as at its centre.
The centre of planet of zero charge but of high energy is of potential of trying to charge all matter to its centre charge.
Near the centre of the image is a crater with a rock at roughly two o'clock on the rim.
It is, in fact, at the soul and centre of my argument.
Their three-dimensional structure came with radial slits, scalloped margins and a complicated folded centre.

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