centralize in a sentence

Example sentences for centralize

They did want to centralize government, but from an extremely decentralized starting point.
We centralize functions such as finance and technology where there are economies of scale.
With such a short itinerary, centralize your visit around one or two events or attractions.
If you centralize the genetic direction, the problem is how to encode and transmit the genetic signal for each cell.
Helping companies decide how to centralize email is itself now a booming trade.
There is a major difference between centralize pseudonymity and decentralized pseudonymity.
He figured out how to centralize financial oversight of decentralized product lines.
Asking legislatures to centralize school funding at the state level was a political nonstarter.
It lets you centralize all your phone calls, which you can access from your home, office or cell phone.
Media giants centralize editing, design operations in.
One of those recommendations was to centralize answering employees' questions about payroll issues.
Centralize agency operations related to human resources, fiscal practices, and administrative functions.
We centralize that operation to better serve the towns' needs and operations in the future.
Centralize and out-source processing of jury summons.
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