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Example sentences for centrality

The idea of the neurons' centrality to social intelligence is gaining ground.
We humans are obsessed with our centrality in the universe and that everything about us is special or sacred.
The second, less obvious element may well be the increased centrality to political decision of the po poles.
Opposing the centrality of negotiations is not a principle but a pragmatic reading of current reality.
In many ways, the continued centrality of place-based education is no surprise.
But if you ignore the centrality of working with staff employees you will probably fail as an academic administrator.
College campuses seem to have lost their centrality.
It would be difficult to exaggerate the centrality of the idea in modern economics.
Newspapers often bullied their way to centrality in a community.
Nevertheless, the century had turned and the centrality of the horse was diminishing.
The route to progress depends on recognizing the centrality of politics to issues of war and peace.
It shows you the centrality of the automobile in our culture.
Also, centrality moderated the relationship between discrimination and academic outcomes in ways that differed across gender.

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