central city in a sentence

Example sentences for central city

The stink of exhaust, the mind-numbing tedium of traffic, parking lots blighting central city real estate.
Within the last decade, the town has experienced a huge influx of people from the central city and other suburbs.
Stalls are so prestigious in this central city market that family members will often camp out all night to hold on to a spot.
Rather, the suggestion is that demand for central city life has grown relative to demand for suburban life.
In those cases, we're comparing a central city with tight boundaries to a central city plus its suburbs.
If you're staying in the central city, there's really no need to rent a car.
Plan for large part of the central city nears completion.
Service connecting central city to central city on a railroad right-of-way in densely traveled corridors.
They complement the traditional street signs which are often unfamiliar to infrequent visitors to the central city.
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