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Of course, the fear in that case is not bankruptcy but that central bank financing of future deficits will stoke inflation.
The instability of the system is due to the way the central bank and the monetary system works.
The central bank is pursuing tighter monetary policy while trying to preserve growth.
Acting as a lender of last resort during a financial panic is one of the core responsibilities of any central bank.
Three years after the central bank thought it had ended deflation, it has returned.
In part, the central bank made losses because of the exchange-rate policy the country pursued.
Only a central bank can provide the liquidity needed in times of crisis.
Even so, the central bank may still be underestimating the possible scale of the downturn.
The central bank will take two different actions meant to jumpstart the economy.
But the central bank will continue to reinvest maturing securities, to keep its balance sheet stable, not contracting.
They've also used central bank reserves to pay their debts.
He does not anticipate needing to use them, but he wants everyone to know that the central bank won't be powerless.
Central bank interest rates rates are lower all over the world and monetary expansion has been much more rapid this time around.
Our economy also has a central bank that is willing to furnish credit to forestall financial disaster.
As part of its effort to pour cold water on an expanding economy, the central bank has been trying to slow a boom in construction.
The second uses the central bank's lending rate as a ceiling and its deposit rate as a floor for overnight interest rates.
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