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Grants for research on spinal-cord injuries and disorders of the central nervous system.
The open, well-lit kitchen is the central gathering spot in this house.
Everyone, be they doctors or central bankers or politicians, makes mistakes.
Each settlement is organized around a central plaza and linked to others via precisely placed roads.
The central figure, incongruously, holds a burning cigarette.
Often you hear central administrators note that the hardest job in the university is that of department head.
Libraries are central to learning, building communities, and promoting research and intellectual exploration.
Many colleges are embracing economic development as a central mission.
Basic flower has single ring of rays surrounding prominent central disk.
Each flower consists of a central brush of stamens surrounded by petallike segments called sepals.
All bear showy single or double summer flowers with ruffled petals surrounding a central cluster of stamens.
After college, my central focus and professional joy was doing physics.
To the extent the central bank doesn't roll it over, the private sector must add to its bond holdings.
It is a central switching station for global entertainment.
Central-leader training is ideal for smaller and medium-size trees.
The countertop is symmetrical, with two wings each at an angle to the central section.
These three events, occurring at intervals of one hundred years, supplied the central themes of the three tales.
It is thick and narrow at its central part, but broader and thinner at either end.
It runs upward and backward, parallel to the central sulcus, and is sometimes divided into an upper and a lower ramus.
In this respect special mention might be made of the central nervous system and the section on the muscles.
The breakdowns have led to the evolution of central banking and other forms of regulation.
Repressive political cultures and other factors make martyrdom central to the movements there, but they might not be so unique.
In an age when ideas are central to the economy, universities will inevitably play a role in fostering growth.
Then all of them call in their results to a central phone exchange at once.
It's a guess, but it fits what's known about the inner regions of the cloud near the central star.
Once the central bulge is accounted for, more subtle gravity differences appear.
Throughout the discussions of the canonists, between the eleventh and the fifteenth centuries, certain central questions recur.
The story of the drum language illustrates the central dogma of information theory.
Eustace, the central figure, is an immortal portrayal of the delights and agonies of childhood and adolescence.
These different measures coexist and often blend but are not always rationalized in experience under one central system.
Yet his ideas constantly return to certain central preoccupations, stated at the outset of his career.
He might even allow the book's central achievement: the coherent charting of how the art so strangely emerged from the life.
The code theory is not central to his case as it has been presented so far.
They see social reform as the product of deals made in a central forum among diverse pressure groups.
All that information is linked to a central management system.
People who want to join the network then log in to the central machine use it to find their peers.
One version of its solar thermal technology uses mirrors to concentrate the sun's energy onto a central receiving tower.
If everyone's e-mail had to go through a central server, there would undoubtedly be delays.
Nerves in the adult central nervous system, including the spinal cord, do not spontaneously regenerate.
He zips the prints to a central fingerprint database, and gets an answer back immediately.
In a ballistic deflection transistor, electrons are guided by an electric field and bounced off a central triangle.
When it reaches the destination station, it exits this central loop via an off-ramp.
The central element is a so-called quantum dot, which allows electrons to flow one by one.
The house consisted of a central square room with four wings.
Until then it is the central difficulty for such ventures.
They have to form proper connections, he says, so the central nervous system will interpret their input as meaningful sounds.
Volcker had done what central bankers are supposed to do.
It's more central than in any previous administration, and run more knowledgeably.
Maybe it was because it actually had a coherent plot-one organized around an irresistible central topic.
Central air conditioners circulate cool air through a system of supply and return ducts.

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